I own a old netbook: 32bit, intel atom processor, 1gb of ram. To modern standards this thing is really slow.
Past weekend I installed Puppy Linux. I need to say it's awsome how many things still work well on this old hardware. Before I had Ubuntu Mate run on this mashine and it took ~800mb of ram without running any app. This means starting a big tool like firefox overfloaded the ram and slowed down the whole mashine. Now Puppy only takes only 134 mb so even firefox runs okay on most pages.

@themightyglider nice. i have Lubuntu running on similar hardware and it goes good, as long as I don't open too many browser tabs. I mostly just use it for Kodi/movies.

I didn't know Puppy was still around!


The current release came out this year and their forums seem to be very active as well. So, I guess the project is healthy. 😁

Anyway I think I'm going to try out Haiku OS on the same mashine as well. I'm curious about this free non-Linux OS for quite a long time and the hardware specs seem to be good enough to run it.

@themightyglider Oh cool, on both counts!

I've messed with Haiku a bit in a VM, but not since the last big release. I like it a bunch, would love to dedicate a computer to it one day.

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