I played a VR game for the first time since the 90s.

Work was quick, so went back to a guy's place. He plays this popular racing sim I'd never heard of before I started this job called iRacing. He's got a homemade driving setup with a VR helmet, forcefeedback wheel, peddles. It was pretty cool once I realised I could wear my glasses underneath the goggles.

Like I guess I get the appeal now, just don't get the want to spend the money on it.

The arms in the game looked like my arms :0

@blueberrysoft This is why I wanted to see cheaper VR! It's just too cool to pass up.

And I really want to develop for it. So much so, I'm just using my mobile phone and 2 joycons are my VR setup currently haha.

@wishdream haha :acnl_lol:

I really thought I'd struggle with being so 'shut in' when using the headset. Like I like to be aware of my environment and stuff, if that makes sense, don't like being overwhelmed by one thing anymore. But I was fine.

@blueberrysoft I thought the same too until there was this guardian system that basically keeps me safe.

That and there's also the outside world view which renders the world outside with black and white.

It's pretty cool :D

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