For awhile, I didn't play Gunner and thought it was pretty flimsy, then I played it.

It's stylish AF.

@blueberrysoft Yee, it's fun. While I do wait for the western release, I am kinda afraid how it will be received since EP1-3 isn't told how it used to be.


@wishdream Oh, PSO2 is getting a proper Western release? I didn't know! I'll have to do some research.

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@blueberrysoft Yeah! It was announced in E3!
There's gonna be a switch release too~

@wishdream Well damn. There's a bunch of Switch games I want now—when I eventually grab one.

@blueberrysoft Well, if it's gonna be the same as the JP server, it's most likely gonna be free :acnl_joy:

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