i want to play 10 beautiful postcards, the jrpg combat systems games, joanie, oikospiel, fugue in void.
rebind.io looks cool i want to check it out and also read the whole critical distance backlog
i also want to read paul virilio and finish the play of bodies book and learn about economics and hormones
would like to work on games more often and do video experiments and more musical games
i wish i spent less time job-working and less time being depressed

I feel like I'm (very hopefully) coming out of a similar feeling, so <3. I've ended up not even keeping track of all the interesting games I want to catch-up on :( which i've found helpful, but now i feel really out of touch with GT which makes me feel impostery...

How is that Bredan Keogh book btw?

(If it would help to chat you can get to me on email or xmpp or here)

@blueberrysoft thats sweet thanks. about the book, ive read only the first couple of sections, its good but i have a feeling the later sections will cover more interesting ground. its more satisfying than most 'game studies' work that ive encountered in the past

@sunsetoverbuildings oh cool. i haven't read barely anything by him, but the base premise sounds really up my alley.

well i guess your's too :) you've made a bunch of my fave games about bodies

@blueberrysoft btw, have you read this essay by david kanaga? wombflashforest.blogspot.com/2
its old but still good imo and its linked in my mind with the games of yours that ive played. i have a feeling brendan k references this essay in his book but cant recall for sure..


@sunsetoverbuildings I was waiting till I finished reading to respond, but it's still waiting, part-read in a tab, so—

Nope, haven't read this one, but like it a lot so far! We even both use the 'play spaces' term :0
One of my last acts as a Uni student was using my free printing credit to print out that book thing of his, and I still just open up parts at random and read.

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