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Rules and Expected Conduct

  • I (and any other admins or moderators who may be added later) will do my best to provide a place where people can feel comfortable and not harrassed. However due to the nature of the fediverse I can not guarantee a safespace.
  • To do this I expect that people use content warnings following the usual Mastodon etiquette, for example for politics, 'adult' content, eye contact, ... if in doubt ask first please!
  • I frequently check the local and federated timelines to make sure the rules are kept to, and block and silence instances who do not meet my expectations.
  • There is no tolerance for harassment or discrimination of any kind, directly or indirectly. For example, this includes racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and TERF shit, general channer garbage, and so on.
  • Respect each others' privacy choices.
  • Please remember that the Anglophone web is not the USA, and that others will have different cultural expectations and practices. Let's all respect each others'.
  • Always remember that we're here to encourage and support each other, and hopefully make pals (and make videogames less bad)!
  • If you make an account that's just for promoting your game without any interest in engaging with other people (IE SPAM) I will very probably delete it.

Other Guidelines and Notes

  • gamemaking.social does not claim ownership of anything you post. You retain full rights.
  • Account deletion by owners is enabled.
  • There's no Google stuff or anything else gross. In your adblocker you'll just need to make sure gamemaking.social and ovh.net (media storage) are allowed.
  • We're hosted on masto.host, on the cheapest plan. I believe the servers are in so-called Canada and France.
  • Admin accounts are: @blueberrysoft and @gamemakingtools.
  • Don't forget to make an #introductions post :D
  • In the event of me wanting to abandon owning this instance I will happily pass it on to a new admin :)

Blocked Instances

  • b.9chan.lol
  • 4toot.org
  • baraag.net
  • explosion.party
  • freezepeach.xyz
  • iscute.moe
  • melalandia.tk
  • newjack.city
  • nu.federati.net
  • pawoo.net
  • pleroma.rareome.ga
  • pl.smuglo.li
  • pridelands.io
  • raki.social
  • sealion.club
  • shigusegubu.club
  • shitposter.club
  • thechad.zone
  • unsafe.space
  • vipgirlfriend.xxx
  • voluntaryism.club
  • wikitetas.club
  • wxw.moe

Silenced Instances

  • bofa.lol
  • fuckonthefirst.date
  • niu.moe
  • switter.at (Switter rules, but some of the clients are creepos)