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Hi there! My name is Wish, I'm a lead game designer of an indie team called Team FourWings. I specialize in robotic and anthrophomorphic characters!

I recently just moved out of the pony fandom and hopefully I can make a wonderful new identity for myself.

You can see my work here:

I'm here to try out mastodon. I'll eventually move instances so I'll let you guys know when I will.

Nice to meet you all!

Actually, now that I think of it... Did I have a Keybase account? Geez, I don't remember.

So, I just came back on this account for a bit and suddenly the first news I get is that Keybase got acquired by Zoom?!

Well now! I did not expect that...

Federation with is now fixed! GIVE ME A FOLLOW THERE :D

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Hey guys! So I'll be having my main account on

Follow me there to see more of my normal tweets, like about art, game dev, furries, kemono, 3d modelling and etc etc.

A lot of my productive hobbies are gonna be there soon~

It's much more less filtered to a topic unlike here (I'm not cussing though, I don't really cuss that much)

I'll still be here for my game dev definitely, I love this instance too much.

But hey, give me a follow there!

Crush the lesser races, conquer the galaxy, unimaginable power, UNLIMITED RICE PUDDING, etc etc

The Game Awards 

Oh my gosh, the Death Stranding composer is such a baby :blobcheerbounce: I wanna hug him haha

The Game Awards 

> Best community support
> No Warframe
Ah yes, Destiny 2... Well, yeah I guess? Sure. I guess it's the 2nd best community support for me.

But like Warframe is going on leaps and bounds for community support.

fedi software psa 

just found out about 'Soapbox'

its a terf fork of mastodon that integrated a lot of gab stuff

HOWEVER it also removed a lot (all?) of the stuff that makes gab easy to identify.

just. be on the lookout for it.

stay safe friends :blobheart:

I should start making my sprite making more efficient. I'll probably make a 3d model of my characters and use Blender to just render them out.

Taking a note from DBFZ and Guilty Gear

After seeing Oculus Connect 5. I really want an Oculus Quest.

*EXCEPT* the part of Facebook Horizon. I'm afraid because of how big FB is, they will immensively succeed in this endeavour without the ability to hide identity or customize what we look like.

I want to look like my 'sona, I don't want to hecking look like my IRL self.

So more Blender practice. Took me an hour to make, sorta, I took a few more minutes to make things look just right.

Having fun so far ^^

Thanks for @FimbulFlower for lending me their character for practice.

Hm, I'm not sure where to find furry matrix instances =w=;

Hmmm... Virtual Reality communication but federated.

Essentially SecondLife/OpenSim/VR but it's federated.

This needs to be made.
I can but hmm... needs a lot of planning.

Did some 3D sculpting practice today.

And I was super rusty, but hey, learned to get used to default Blender 2.8 in the process and that's good enough for me.

Hey guys, what are your opinions on and ?
I just saw about it and I kinda want to know what it is like, I'm interested in getting on it.

Well, I ended up resting since I needed more sleep. That was the best choice I made today.


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