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Hey! Welcome! This page is one of several social media outlets for the game Rose and Thorn, an indie game mostly being made by one guy in active development! To stay as current on development for this game as possible, check out for some dev streams! If you wanna support the making of this game, you can donate to our lead developer's patreon at!

New devlog! But what's this? Starting over? What gives!

Guess you'll have to watch this to find out. 🤔

Hey everyone! I made a little to give people an idea for how I think the game can look for the future, since I'm kind of changing plans. More on that this weekend!

For now, enjoy the animation!

Live with more on the !

Tryna package everything together for next week's tech demo release!

OOOH MY GOOOOOOD one of my friends sent me this new year’s card with some *exclusive* adorable fan art of Rose! aaaaaahhhh! it’s so cuuuute

Another devlog off the presses! Today we're talkin' raycasts and recursive functions in !

Follow for more progress on this project!

Did a little modification of Rose's ! Part of the shtick of this game is that Rose's demeanor will change as you progress, and these new sprites convey exactly the kind of vibes I want her to give in the beginning!

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