I'm trying to come up with a title for a game I haven't written yet. I was trying to find the right alliteration and also subtly communicate what it's an open source homage to. Actually if anybody can get it that'd tell me...something. These are either too obscure or too on the nose. Probably on the nose.
Here are the ideas

* gratisnes
* rivalnewt/openrivalnewt
* neminewt
* newtius

I don't know I should probably make progress creating it and worry about it later.

@tildesarecool oh this is tricky. Does it have to reference the NES version specifically? Is there something particular about that port?

Could also work with a Vic Viper reference? Vic Libre or something...

I don't mind Newtius...

@gamemakingtools it was going to be a clone of Gradius, for nes. Gratis sounds sort of like Gradius and means free.
Alternative titles for Gradius include Salamander and Nemesis so I was trying to come up with alt terms for that: a Newt is a sub-species of Salamander and I guess the clone would be derived from Gradius. It works on so many levels.
Rival Newt was supposed to have a close alliteration to eye-of-newt. Sort of? Nemesis/rival. sort of synonyms. I should put this effort in making it

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