Hello again. Only two years later. Right now I guess I'm stuck on choosing a game making platform. I mean I'm not ready for Unity. I think the most advanced I could go is GameMaker studio. Actually I wrote a series of blogposts exploring a number of different solutions (a one per day thing with gamemaker, godot, a few others). I'm leaning towards gamemaker. Unless someone is willing to dissuade me. Guess I'm looking for a upgrade-to-language solution like gamemaker. Any suggestions?

@tildesarecool I'd like to read those blogposts!

If GameMaker clicks with you I reckon you should use that. The main alternative is the Clickteam stuff, but they're not better, just different. Most of the alternatives are more similar to Clickteam than GM, from what I've seen (Construct, GDevelop).

Oh!, there is Pixel Maker MV, which you can get a demo of. Usually it's kinda expensive, but is on sale on Steam until 6th of Jan.

@gamemakingtools @tildesarecool Yeah, I'd be interested too!

Maybe one other thing to consider is PuzzleScript! I've been making a ton of games with it, and if it's the kind of game you enjoy, it could be a fun fast prototyping tool.

@gamemakingtools @tildesarecool i made a game a day this month, and will try to publish the games and my devlog on itch over the next few days. (I should have done it all along but the month is nearly over, so may as well do it at the end now)

@exquisitecorp @gamemakingtools

Thanks for the reply. Yours is something I really need to aspire to. Maybe by the end of my 12 month subscription to GMS2.

@exquisitecorp @gamemakingtools

I cam across PuzzleScript shortly after signing up with I even found some YouTube videos about it and some similar web based platforms. I haven't dove into PuzzleScript yet but I may just what I was saying before I saw that "Blood Dragon was re-released for PS4. This might take a while.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I already finished Blood Dragon.

@tildesarecool @gamemakingtools and if you feel like linking to your blogposts, i'd read 'em! you may dig @felix 's website with wiki, blog and many other resources on game development as well:

@gamemakingtools Wow, thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't reply sooner.

If anybody is still interested in that multi-part blog post series about different game making solutions, the intro with all the links is here:

I was a little optimistic at the start but by the end I found it really educational. I'm not saying it's the best written or most through series of posts, just that it's there.

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