The hardest part of making a game is finding a good title IMHO.
I think about a name for the Dark Fantasy Roguelike I make for days now and can't come up with something good that isn't too generic.
The game is about going into a crypt to fight an evil necromancer.

Any good ideas are very welcome.

Wow that was a lot of useful input for me big thanks to everyone.

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@TheMightyGlider How about "Chronicles of Saint Saigir" or something along that line of thinking (took a random Irish saint name from Wikipedia).

@themightyglider oh, you mean just ideas for the name

i usually just use some extract of some lyrics for whatever song i've been listening to while working on the thing that seems vaguely appropriate

@themightyglider i'm guessing this is the project with screenshots from your last couple toots.

i am definitely digging that gloomy blue draining-sanity aesthetic. if chiptune doom metal were a thing this would be the gaming version of it.

on the other hand, the blue and yellow also remind me of a lot of iron maiden disc covers (fear of the dark, no prayer for the dying, live after death)... maybe consider this reply a nudge in that direction for names?



or if you want to keep it old school maybe look at fighting fantasy gamebook titles, they're contemporary to the spectrum and might give you some ideas

there's a list here:

@themightyglider I like the word "mausoleum" and that sounds like another burial-related word that's different from "crypt"

Wikipedia says crypts are usually under churches if you want to riff off that somehow - not sure how I would

@TheMightyGlider @Alraune "Dark Souls" is already the name of a video game. How about "Death Awakened"?
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