The past days I didn't work on my game much. (Shame on me! ;) )
Instead I spent my time on Isleward a MMORPG completely written in javascript. It can be played in browser or via a native client. IMHO the game does many things right and could be seen as an example for a good foss rpg. The comunity seems to be very friendly as far as I could tell. And... I LOVE the 8bit-ish art style!

@themightyglider Hmmm... I get SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE error trying to check it out (I hate those SSL stuff :D).

For me the site loads without problems now. An hour ago I got the same error. It seems the dev solved this problem already. :D

@themightyglider Nope. FireFox still thinks the certificate expired in 2016. But as you remember I've had the same issue with GitGud some time ago. Mozilla is too obsessed with certificates expiry dates :) Or maybe wants some core certificates update on my side.

Also game itself is offline for maintenance right now , but looks really cool. Thanks for sharing!
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