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It works! Finally RogueBox Adventures got a proper dialog system! So far only dryads have a custom dialog but I plan to add more soon. Maybe even some unique NPCs with a background story and quests.

Today I was able to work on RogueBox Adventures very focused for a couple of hours. I started to work on a feature I've on my todo-list already since v1.0.0 . I hope I'll able to finisch it tomorrow.
I don't want to say to much now but I think the game will at least be 20% cooler if I am done. ;-)
I'll try to post a screenshot or even a short video soon.

⚛️Weekly Video Tutorial: Dark matter cloud particles effect with #krita

Chrome isn't a web browser. It's a tentacle of Google that takes over your computer, spies on you, and controls everything you see.

Today I have pushed another commit to RogueBox Adventures git repo. This time I reworked the way buff/debuffs are handeled internal. I hope this will speed up further development. Now I have to hunt bugs. A big change like this will add some for sure.
If someone notices a bug with the latest WIP just let me know.

This weekend is a longe one here in germany because monday is a hollyday.
I hope I'll find some time to work on my game.

anyone have any good recommendations for pixel art editors in linux? i have aseprite but it's a bit... laggy, i guess? sometimes it feels a bit like molasses

Dear free and open source community,

I want you to recommend projects that welcome people that never contributed to FOSS before. I am planning to do a workshop this year to encourage people to make their first contributions. What I need:

- A page explaining how they could contribute.
- General recommendations and documentation.
- Where they can contact people involved in such projects in case they have questions.

I got a couple of new issues opened by my longetime contributor eugeneloza. The discussions about features and bugs in this issues are always helpful to bring RogueBox Adventures in a better shape.

@tinker I think the description as a corporate mindset fits way too well:
The other day I was talking with someone about linux stuff and their opinion was that there should be only one distribution, one desktop, one solution. What they didn't get was that the #FLOSS / #FOSS movement is not a corporation trying to sell you a product but a movement trying to give you the tools to overcome the digital immaturity. (I also welcome discussion on that view.)

The rest of the weekend I will spend playing 'The Battle for Wesnoth'. The new release is just awsome! It feels like they removed all the dust and the spiderwebs of the past years from the game.

I made at least a little bit progress with RogueBox Adventures this weekend. Some items can't be placed everywhere anymore. They need to stand indoor (or outdoor for other objects). I hope thos will force players to use the build functionality a bit more often.

Good morning !
It seems like today will be a busy day, so I won't be able to work on my own project. :-(
But hey... it's friday at least!

"A rule to live by: Don't replace people with abstractions.

- They're not users, they're people using tools to do a job.

- The web is not made of content, it's a collection of human ideas.

- You don't have a personal brand, you have a reputation.

What are other examples?"

The new ability system has ben pushed to the git repo as well as some bugfixes. So far everything seems to work well but it will need more intensive testing to be sure.

The next step will be to rework player buffs in a similar manner.

One of the best (foss) games of all times "The Battle for Wesnoth" got a new major release and is now available on steam. I hope this will have a positive impact on the Wesnoth community and raise some awareness for Free Software/Open Source.