The famous author H.G. Wells (War of the words, The Timemashine) published a book called 'Little Wars' in 1913.
This was the first printed ruleset for a tabletop wargame with miniatures ever and makes Wells the grandfather of games like Warhammer and BattleTech.

At the internet archive they have a nice scan of 'Little Wars':

I own a old netbook: 32bit, intel atom processor, 1gb of ram. To modern standards this thing is really slow.
Past weekend I installed Puppy Linux. I need to say it's awsome how many things still work well on this old hardware. Before I had Ubuntu Mate run on this mashine and it took ~800mb of ram without running any app. This means starting a big tool like firefox overfloaded the ram and slowed down the whole mashine. Now Puppy only takes only 134 mb so even firefox runs okay on most pages.

Far too long since my last post here.

Time to show you a few fresh screenshots from .

I reworked elfish fortress a little bit and here are some impressions for you!

Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>

Das Chaosradio meldet sich zurück!

Wir senden am 24.08. um 18:30 Uhr live von der THM-Stage auf dem Chaos Communication Camp 2019.

In #CR254 heißt @monoxyd interessante Gäste willkommen, die ihre Projekte präsentieren. #CCCamp2019

A nice side effect of this addition is that now mobs can act as heat sources as well. Fire monsters that are able to burn the doors and furniture of your shelter sound like a cool challenge for the later game.

Past weekend I've added one more pet to RogueBox Adventures.

This one is a little fire creature and a bit more difficult to handle then the other pets because it can burn flammable objects it comes close to. On the other hand it is very powerful because it can burn (instakill) most hostile monsters.

what are good instances for #writing (short stories, books, things of that nature)

my sister has #schizophrenia and is writing a story about a witch who has schizophrenia to show more about how a schizophrenic brain may operate

and is looking for alternative social media and i think this would be a good place for her :)

Tell people the good thoughts you have about them. Thank them for what they've brought into your life. Share with them the good effects they've left in their wake.

We need to hear these things. We need to hear that our friends love us, and that our presence in the lives of others has meaning and weight.

Be that person who earnestly shares their feelings instead of making jokes, even just for a few special people.

Almost !

Time to switch into mode.

I'll try to push the changes, I've made to during this week, tonight. This means new BGM made by 'Visager' and a reworked credits screen. 😁

Furthermore I plan to add one more quest this weekend. If this quest is done I only have to do one more quest, two pets and four items before I could think of the next release.

I hope I'll be done with everything before this month ends.

Rant Free Software / Free Culture 

Wow I did not post any updates on here for weeks. Sorry for that. I'm just lazy.

Nevertheless the development continued.

- I've finished the re-working of the in-game shops... and I'm very pleased with it.
- Furthermore I added a new workbench to produce something I call aetheric technology.
- A new quest has been added.
- A way to enlarge players room in elysium has been added.
- Several new artefacts have been added.

I'll try to post more infos and some screens later today.

Do you like Mario Kart? Do you like Libre software?

Then you might like #SuperTuxKart, which lets you race as various FLOSS mascots:

It includes story mode, time trial, local multiplayer, online multiplayer and lots of mods too.

It's available for Linux, Mac, Windows and Android.

#MarioKart #Alternatives #Gaming #FLOSS

My bitmap font (called June) is now on GitHub. There's no font formats, just the sprite sheets atm.

It's under the zlib license (which is basically like MIT)

So yeah that's 4 random games from itch. I think I came to all of them via word of mouth from here or birdsite, I can't even remember via who at this point. I love the idea of doing writeups like this on the reg but we'll see if I have the energy for it.
Definitely please dig around on itch for things that interest you, it's the only way to save ourselves from a world where everyone only ever talks about the same five huge games that each cost 9 trillion dollars to make.

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