Aryeh Nirenberg has created an amazing video, which lets you feel the rotation of the earth:

Using a tracking mount aligned with North Star, he kept taking photos every 12 seconds for about 3 hours. The camera is looking at the same portion of the Milky Way.

after realizing how much my web browser was spying on me, even before I visited any website at all, I said #NoToChrome and switched back to #firefox happy to see I am not alone

Good progress on the road toward v3.0.0 of RogueBox Adventures.
Yesterday I fixed a really wired bug for items that are supposed to grant blindness protection.
Now I'm about to do some final playtesting. If I'm able to finnish all quests without encountering a major bug I'll release the new version.
I'm already half way trough, so I guess I can release it next week.

P.S.: I'm going to post some screenshots soon!

Don't be afraid to email a person whose games (or whatever) you like!

I spent a couple of hours extra trying to make the credits screen in #terminalphase look extra cool.

Jealous? You can show up in the next release by selecting a tier on

(I plan a 1.1 release not too far away from 1.0)

Thanks to everyone who made this happen! We're mere moments away from the 1.0 release (as in, I'm not going to bed until it's out)

nerdy movie rant 

A week later, my new game has a name. Got level generation to work, barring tweaks. And #ASCII #roguelikes look stunning in 3D.

Stumbled on an article about losing access to games on the Mac because Apple dropped 32-bit support. While open source games can be lost for a time, people can generally bring them back. #gamedev

Question to #art #mastoart people: do you know anyone with an experience organizing art contest? I was thinking about starting a Creative Commons #Solarpunk challenge (all entries must be CC-BY-SA or CC-BY) with some rewards.

3DBuzz Closes with a Final Gift

If you wanted to learn about creating modern computer games, 3DBuzz had some of the best tutorials around. In fact, some of the tutorials about C#, C++, Android, and math would be useful for anyone, while the ones about g…

Original tweet :

Another small change I made to was to add a new option for furnaces.
If you interact with them you will be able to fire them up with 2 units of wood to cook some food or to spend 5 units to heat them up. This will let them act as heat source for a couple of turns.
This may look pointless at the first glance but my idea was to give a oppurtunity to do some terraforming in the early game.
Heat sources allow to vaporize water and develop new builing land.

The most important change I've made was to add a new game mode with reduced difficulty.
On the one hand RogueBox Adventures is a roguelike and as such it is supposed to be hard. But on the other hand the game is inspired by sandbox games like Terraria, Starbound or Minecraft too and I want Players, that like games of this kind, to enjoy as well.
My solution was to add a game mode with more HP for the player. I know this sounds cheap... but it works surprisingly well.

Hello, everyone! Issue #302 of my #gamedev newsletter is out, with a new screenshot and how-to, a review of an online book, and thoughts on AI in 2020. Thanks for reading!

I didn't post anything about my activities in this decade...
Time to give a little overview:
I stopped working on my ZX Spectrum game for now. But don't worry it will get it's final polish and will be released.
ATM I started working on RogueBox Adventures again. I want to get v3.0.0 out ASAP and feel very motivated to do so.
The feedback about the BETA I released some weeks ago and my own playtesting let me make some changes I will explain in other toots later today.

Hello, everyone! Issue #300 of my #gamedev newsletter is here. To conclude the decade, we have discussions of interactive fiction and intellectual property, along with game design and gameing history. Enjoy!

My for the is almost finnished. I've added a couple of items to make the game more varied. Furthermore I've added some special abilities for the monsters.
My last change was to add an examination mode, where you can check out what things are surrounding you.
Only a good name for the game isn't found yet.

health stuff 

if your identity is being "a gamer" then you deserve to be made fun of

everyone plays games, you're not special.

I put together a first playable version of my today. I've added a few more objects for better balancing and was able to finish one run without encountering any bugs.

You can download the rom from the link below and test it if you like.
The gameplay is still a bit basic and I will add more things soon.
Feel free to let me know what you are thinking.

Hello, everyone! Issue #297 of my #gamedev newsletter is out, with a minor game release, plans for the near future, design lessons from classics, and then some. Take a look!

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