Hello, everyone! My #GameDev news for 15 February 2021 are here, with discussion of classic shooters, interactive fiction, and a few words on making money from games. Enjoy! notimetoplay.org/blog/gamedev-

Pixeling little demons while listening to Irving Finkel, who talks about ancient mesopotanian ghost stories.
Perfect combo. :D


Today I started to draw a few new enemy sprites for RogueBox Adventures.
Originally I didn't had plans to add the new dungeon, I started to work on a while ago, in the next release.
But now I had some nice idea how to include this thing in the games main story with relatively low effort.
So it is time to populate this dungeon properly I guess.
I plan to use it as some kind of after game challenge because I think there isn't much to do after defeating the main boss.

Finally figured out what the deal is with people complaining about a so-called "#indiepocalypse". They expected to get rich quick and it turned out to not be so easy.

Yo, who lied to you that anyone could make it big? Pro tip: in a gold rush, It's mostly the shovel makers who end up with big money.

Dear people too embarrassed to release your source code:

Nobody cares how ugly it is. Only you can see the ugliness. The code works, it does something, and we just want to learn from it or modify it. Our source code is ugly too.

If embarrassment is the only obstacle, just release the code. Ugly released source code is far, far better than no source code at all.

The #gemini protocol is really awesome! Very happy I checked it out thanks to #distrotube. Started setting up my website as a capsule: gemini://gem.rickylinden.com

I'm exploring Gemenispace for a few days now. It brings back the sense of wonder I miss so hard in the modern web most of the time.
Of course it's small, but it seems like something interesting is waiting behind every corner.
I really enjoy this unpurposeful style of surfing encourages.

Past weekend I started to work on again. Did nothing too big so far but several bugfixes and smaller fixes. I reworked the code for explosions a bit. Now it should be much more relateable.

Feels good to be back to development.

For anyone new to #Gemini wondering how to find more interesting capsules to explore the Medusae Gemini Directory is an excellent place to start. Organized into categories and new stuff getting added all the time.


Remember to spread a little joy to those game developers who created something you love.

Steam makes you feel like a loser for selling 1000 copies of your game but Itch makes you feel like a champion for selling 10, and that's reason enough to support it

I've got a really, really long comment on the itch.io-page of . It's super motivating to hear of someone who actually spent a lot of hours with my game and did enjoy it. I think I'll try to return to development this weekend if possible.


Slowely I start to feel bab because I haven't worked on for so long. :(
If I feel motivated to do so I have no time and if I have some time I'm unable to motivate myself.
Past weekend I planed to return to development but ended up doing other things even if I had enough free time.

But maybe I should not stress myself to much because of this. It's not the first time I didn't work on my game for a few weeks or even months.
It's still just a hobby after all.

Hello, everyone! My #GameDev news for 25 January 2021 are here, with studio acquisitions, #RPG critique, and a couple of other things. Enjoy! notimetoplay.org/blog/gamedev-

german posting, Ist das brauner Bullshit? 

Habe heute dieses Buch in der Bücherwühlkiste in meinem örtlichen Supermarkt entdeckt. Will ja keine voreiligen Schlüsse ziehen, aber der Klappentext klingt schon etwas fragwürdig für mich. Oder bilde ich mir das nur ein?

My album is out for a bit more then 24h by now. I got several new followers on bandcamp during this time. Someone even bought the EP I released last spring. This makes me really grateful!
I was also informed that during this time 5 tapes got ordered. This may not sound like too many but to me it means a lot! 5 people liked my work enough to spend 9$ for a physical copy. The Dungeon Synth Community is really awsome!

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