I have asked some months ago, but I think it is time to try again: I am looking for a native American/English partner to translate my novels & texts in English.Ofc, we would share the income from English patronage.
I am fluent enough to check the work but not to do it myself.
My work is based upon Crusade history, murder mysteries & short stories.
Everything under BY-SA licence.
Check the French content there : hexagora.fr

Retoot welcome


Lately I've found a hidden gem of early science fiction literature. "Two Planets" by Kurd Lasswitz(1897). I had never expacted a story like this comming from germany at that time.


Legamus is a project similar to LibriVox where volumteers record audiobooks of works that are public domain in the EU (not US ... I know copyright sucks 😐). Its catalogue is much smaller then the one of LibriVox but seems to contain a few gems. 😁


Finally I got proper error messages for dialogues in RogueBox Adventures up to work!
This is an important step to be able seperate the games logic from its engine. πŸ‘'

Some things that I have noticed since I quit #Facebook:

- My family still loves me and still talks to me
- Old friends from high-school still talk to me
- Old friends from college still talk to me
- I still meet new people
- I still make new friends
- I still shop at local businesses
- I'm still aware of events in my community

Huh, it's almost like I never needed Facebook in the first place.

This place is blowing my mind. It reminds me of the internet before it was popular: full of hope, wonder and complete sentences.

I was hoping for a relaxing weekend with some time for my family and for coding... And what have I got?
Broken pipeworks and a flooded flat.

Sometimes I think life is trolling me...

Go full historic with the most ambitious of free and open RPGs out there. Go and play 0 A. D. #ilovefs

Donate to 0 A.D.: play0ad.com/community/donate/

So the Solarus-Engine got a free resource-pack finally?
Maybe a good time to have a bit deeper look. πŸ‘


So the Solarus-Engine got a free resource-pack finally?
Maybe a good time to have a bit deeper look. πŸ‘


Somethimes I think a about would be a cool thing.
I imagine a show that publishes a new episode all 2-3 months. Furthermore I think something like 20-30min per episode would be a good length. It should contain a newsflash, maybe a short section where the hosts talk about one particular game for a few minutes and a developer section where one tool, engine or lib is introduced to the listeners.
But maybe something like that wouldn't find an audience at all. πŸ€”

Time for another status update on :
Past weekend I used most of my time to setup my x200. Its still not liberated but now at least everything I need to do productive work on it is in place. πŸ˜€
Because of this my changes on are mostly a few bugfixes this time. Futhermore I started working on a new quest. I hope I'll be ready to push it somewhen this week. The quest will be about a bannished orc who asks for some special food items in order to survive.

It's easy to make #minetest blueprints using the #foss #voxel editor, Goxel.

Here's a short tour of the features I've been using:

You know... we don't care too much which of the distros on, or not on this list you choose. The point is that you live by Free Software, you make sure you nurture & expand our global community & that you defend the freedom we are fighting for. Every single Day! United we stand πŸ’ͺ twitter.com/nixcraft/status/10

Minetest 5.0 release candidate 1 (5.0.0-rc1) is now available!

This is a pre-release version which has some remaining issues. Please help us by trying it out, and reporting any issues.


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