Now the player can die in my for the .
Soon I will be done with the basic game mechanics. After that I'll see how much RAM is left and start to implement more features to add a bit more variety to the game.

BTW I've built the battle system using the free 1W6-System. 1W6 offers a way to play a battle with only 1d6. This way I don't need to store HP and other characteristica for every monster on a map inside the spectrum's tiny RAM. Instead I just look up the attributes of a monster class when the player fights against one individual of this class.

Sadly 1W6 has no proper english translation yet. Maybe this would be worth another side project...

holidays, family drama 

Okay. My game has a working Monster AI now. Next I need a death screen, a start screen and inventory interactions to make something playable out of it. Furthermore I should think about a good boss stage for the end game.

... and about a good name of course. (I'm bad in giving things a name.)

Another update for my .
I've added monsters. They don't move yet but you can already attack them.

if you make small games, trainwrecks, alt games, and are weirded out by big mastodon instances, check out, a nice corner of fedi made for game making and adjacent things and stuff and also the admin is super awesome and is on top of blocking bad places

Hello, everyone! Issue #296 of my #gamedev newsletter is out. Inside: .org domains in danger, plans for more articles on scripting, and a bunch of links with no comment:

I know I should hav been working on RogueBox Adventures last weekend but I felt much more inspired by my studies about the ZX Spectrum. So I started to code my own for the Speccy.
So far I have a very simple level generator and a little '@' that can explore the dungeon, as well as a very primitive implementation of 'fog of war'.
Let's see ho far I'll go with this.

Since I've played 'Escape from cnossus' by @notimetoplay I started to read a lot about the ZX Spectrum. I think I start to love this computer.
I have a soft spot for 80's homecomputers but never pait the attention to the Sinclair computers deserve.
I wish I could get a real working Spectrum but they were not very common here in germany so this would become too expensive. :-(

Nanu - was ist denn mit Timmy los, der spielt ja völlig nicht mit? Mensch, im Enid-Blyton-Gymnasium wurde eingebrochen!

Klare Sache, das ist ein Fall für die Spürnasen Truhe, Lupe und Deteh Deteh.

#1w6freunde #actualplay

You once asked me about a RSS Feed for RogueBox Adventures.
Now I have one:

I will use the devblog on for all future updates of my game.
I will also reupload my old posts there soon(TM).

re: open source, exhaustion 

Just passed the 1k visitors mark on the announcement page for RogueBox Adventures v3.0.0BETA1.
I also got some very friendly feedback on

Incredible how long some toots live. :D

I've posted this about a year ago and it just was boosted another time.

Almost 400 visitors on the annoucement page of RogueBox Adventure's Beta release for v3.0.0.
I am very pleased about this!
If only a few more people would hit the download button...
But I know many people (me too) tend to download interesting games before the weekend starts.
This means I have to wait till Friday to see how many feedback I can expact.

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