My bitmap font (called June) is now on GitHub. There's no font formats, just the sprite sheets atm.

It's under the zlib license (which is basically like MIT)

So yeah that's 4 random games from itch. I think I came to all of them via word of mouth from here or birdsite, I can't even remember via who at this point. I love the idea of doing writeups like this on the reg but we'll see if I have the energy for it.
Definitely please dig around on itch for things that interest you, it's the only way to save ourselves from a world where everyone only ever talks about the same five huge games that each cost 9 trillion dollars to make.

Currently I am thinking about adding two tile high mobs to .
It would work the same way as for static objects and would only need somethin like 5-10 extra lines of code.
I think I won't use big mobs that much but it could be a cool option for bosses and very strong monsters. Maybe something like trolls or dragons ...

If you missed it: here's my interview with William Gibson.
Talking cyberpunk, the atemporal future, and Johnny Mnemonic inside-baseball with the writer of Neuromancer and godfather himself.

Bei uns kann man mitmachen!

Überlegen gerade wie man das Intro für die Pathfinderrunde macht -- goofy.. episch..?

ATM I work on addding objects that are higher then one tile to .
I am still not happy with the look of this trees. Especially if they are overlapping other objects. But thats because of the pixelart I guess. Maybe I need to add some shadows.

! General
Our Mattermost Team Chat is now bridged to IRC and Discord.
If your open source game project needs a nicely git integrated chat option let us know and we can set up a new team.


say hello to the "Foxie Game Jam"

if you have any questions/suggestions or need a clarification on anything please let me know~ :3

Creative Commons Officially Launches a Search Engine That Indexes 300+ Million Public Domain Images

Also check out our new collection of open source games looking for maintenance:

Suggestions for additions welcome.

The Hu, a New Breakthrough Band from Mongolia, Plays Heavy Metal with Traditional Folk Instruments and Throat Singing

ATM I'm thinking about how the evil wizard (boss of the 'main' quest of RogueBox Adventures) should die.
If his LP drop to 0 he will say some famous final words. But whats next? Simply let him die and drop a cool item? Or let him explode instead?
Both variants sound kinda rewarding to me.

I've never made a map in Doom before, but I've already started making impossible structures and infinite hallways. This game fucking rules, how come nobody ever told me this before?? (Everyone has been saying this for years I just ignored them)

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