golgo 13 but for impossibly petty game studies beefs

I can't believe I have to go back to work after I get a tooth out!! it feels like I should get the week off for not shrieking

unless it's just the cookie's bustle anniversary celebrations ?? very suspicious

hardcoregaming101.net/cookies- I like hg101 but isn't it stolen valour to post something ClassicsOfGame already covered like five times earlier in the same month

I made this joke to emilie and she immediately screamed and got up like i'd just aggroed a dark souls npc

everyone knows henry rollins worked at haagen dazs but did you know ian mccaye worked at a pret a manger
nobody talks about it
it was just a minor pret

i'm not really a video person but probably the favourite two rabbit holes I ever fell down for just relaxing stuff to check out while I eat were, like, bushido blade tournaments that were just six guys in the same little room and russian worms armageddon deathmatch games which would immediately end with two worms on either side of the map throwing grenades at each other until the water rose enough to drown one of them

what purpose does netflix serve in a world where one can simply log in and watch hundreds of hours of Neo Mr Do

I feel like the "making games" part of this may well be superfluous but that's the formal dilemma of another day I guess

it turns out the most enjoyable part of making games is just painting stuff and then hanging out listening to music while the paint dries!

so is good to be aware that there's always an alternative tradition.
I feel it'd be interesting to try to write about weird games for other people who make weird games instead of for a phantasm mass audience

[more about the free jazz book] I think another thing is just that it makes clear the people in it are listening to and taking some things from each other, n I needed to hear that because sometimes you can get the sense from public discourse that the only things people are responding to are the hits.

accidentally gave myself motion sickness while playing with controls for a spaceship level... the gamedev's curse...…...

it's people consciously making avantgarde work in a popular form with no prospect of commercial success, and talking about it, thinking about it, without pretension but also without instinctive flinching deprecation. it rules

I've been trying to figure out why the book reads so powerfully to me as it doesn't necessarily focus on describing the music per se - I think it's because it avoids the usual music crit issue of giving really inflated rhetoric about revolutionary, historic importance or all-time classic albums etc. a lot of it is just musicians talking about their work, or each other, and tracking movements of thought and influence as the new form emerged

celebrating birthday with an easter egg and val wilmer's "as serious as your life" history of free jazz

the functionality to just show your shit to people who may or may not be interested which seemingly every website on the planet evolved as a way to directly discourage

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