I'm floored, because DuoLingo launched a beta for Navajo!

It's honestly making me a little emotional, because my family never inherited our ancestral language. My grandfather's generation were taken from their families and forced into indian boarding schools where they beat you for practicing your culture.

Seeing an indigenous language preserved in a mainstream tool is incredible.

Also, all our queer communist mastodon friends might be interested to know that Navajo has no grammatical gender! It's just one pronoun for everybody, no gender required!

There are instead entirely too many words for family member relationships, but I'll take a win where I can find one!

@templewulf Is it out of beta by now? I remember first seeing the Navajo course one or two years ago, not sure how long the beta phases last though

@ijyx no, it's still in beta, but they're advertising it more conspicuously. It actually gave me a notification to let me know they teach Navajo and Hawaiian

@templewulf the fact that duolingo even offers free access to the courses is incredibly good for accessibility. I don't know about their internal policies and such, but those actions are what makes their service great

@templewulf I'm now dreaming of duolingo for nhengatu or tupi-guarani

@templewulf I may have to check it out. I have Cherokee ancestry and have long wanted to learn it. I feel like my family is generations away from a unique culture that has been long forgotten and I'd love to do a little something to get back to some of my ancestral roots.

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