Does anyone have experience with gardening or landscaping? Didn't you do some gardening for your parents, @Juju ?

I hired someone to trim some high tree branches that were damaging our roof, and they went absolutely nuts on all of our trees and bushes. Is there a legitimate reason for this? Should I pay for this? What kind of mitigation work can I ask for from them?

If it helps, this is in the North American Mid-Atlantic, and they cut this stuff during winter.

@templewulf I helped by carrying two tons of stones... But I can boost xD

@templewulf @Juju I can't judge whether this is cut in the correct way, but from the experience in my own hobby garden, these will probably start growing like crazy in spring. These plants have already located access to resources in the soil and can gather them easier than newly placed plants.

@templewulf With my humble hobby gardening skills, I can tell you that this is how trees are typically cut. I can't see if that is the case in your photos.

@silwol thanks so much for that!

Assuming this was done correctly, what is the purpose of cutting off every branch? They seemed to be doing fine in past winters

@templewulf Can't say for sure, but I think it's for the plant to grow equally to all directions for aesthetic reasons.

@templewulf I'd love to hear from you how this turns out in spring and summer 😃

@silwol I can't promise I will remember to post it, but I'll do my best as I'm documenting the progress!

@templewulf I work as a gardener!

We never prune stuff unless we're asked, so that seems really weird to me, so I would complain about that.

Otherwise it's hard to comment. Some plants really like being cut back a lot, and some don't. Some of those at least look like that have nodes that will sprout.

@blueberrysoft @templewulf Wife here. I don't know whether they'd like getting cut back,
but I can tell you that we've been living here for three years and for the first 2 we had no issue with any of those plants. I wish I could help you more, but the only plants I know for sure they reduced to shrivelled husks were our rose bushes. Let me see if I can grab you some photos.

@gelishan @templewulf oh, well roses love being cut back that much!

But still, they shouldnlt have touched anything without permission. Makes me think they're trying to get paid for an extra hour's work.

@blueberrysoft @templewulf there you go, before and after photos. there is approximately 1 month separating these photos.

@blueberrysoft @templewulf (the greener one is the before photo, since Mastodon arranged them in the opposite order that I intended.)

@blueberrysoft thank you for lending us your expertise! This helps a lot in talking to him about it like I know what I'm talking about!

I'm hopeful that they'll recover, but he's being awfully cagey about why they did that.

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