@gamemakingtools Can I ask you a quick admin question?

I'm trying to set an alias in order to migrate here, but I just get "Something isn't quite right yet! Please review the error below" with no error message below.

Are there any instance settings I should be thinking about when trying to set an alias?


@templewulf I'll try to help, but I don't have any experience with the new account migration.

To be clear, from which account to which account are you moving?

@templewulf My initial thpught it that if it's the account it might be because they're blocked.

I can temp unblock and see if that helps?

@templewulf Done! I'll make an issue on the Masto issue tracker about the useless error message.

@gamemakingtools Awesome! Thank you, that was absolutely it! I created an alias successfully.

The account is still saying "is not back-referencing this account", so I'll give it a few minutes to propagate and see if I can get this going.

@gamemakingtools I think it worked successfully, you can put the block back up. Thanks so much for your help!

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