FINALLY THE WEEKEND TIME TO WORK ON MY WEBSITE NOW THAT I KNOW CSS AND DIV STUFF i bet what i did two months ago is a whole ass mess

ok i've got a set layout:

but i'm having trouble with the width of the iframes/embeds, especially the sketchfab ones.

originally these are 800px in width and height. i need to set a max-width property so that it doesn't go beyond the screen width in smaller screens. but if i set a max width rather than a set width, the embeds on PC look squashed/rectangular/not 800px in width and height.

do y'all see anything weird in my code? :_

@solziggurat (having a little look now. but might be a bit before i can get you feedback. but yeah, dealing with iframes is usually a pain!)


@gamemakingtools thank youuu :acnl_distress: of course i chose the hardest stuff to begin with my webpage. incredibleaux

@solziggurat first guess is it's the html in the iframe that's fighting you. they're setting widths in there too.

@gamemakingtools what, really? i thought i commented those out! you mean the height:800px and whatnot after the iframe tag right? or is there another thing in the iframe tag i'm not seeing? x_x

@solziggurat I meant stuff that only shows up once the embeds load, but I was wrong anyway~

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Got it working following this:

Feels a bit hacky, but it works. Works fine with the dimensions removed as you have it now.

Here's the document I was was working with:—

—you might find it interesting to look at, I rewrote the html to use different elements instead of the divs

@gamemakingtools oh my god bless you!! i'm going to look at this whenever i get some free time. rly thank you for taking the time to change the code and everything!!! :acnl_crying: 💖

@solziggurat Hey no worries. Once I realised I didn't actually know a quick solution it became something I wanted to learn for myself too.

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