FINALLY THE WEEKEND TIME TO WORK ON MY WEBSITE NOW THAT I KNOW CSS AND DIV STUFF i bet what i did two months ago is a whole ass mess

ok i've got a set layout:

but i'm having trouble with the width of the iframes/embeds, especially the sketchfab ones.

originally these are 800px in width and height. i need to set a max-width property so that it doesn't go beyond the screen width in smaller screens. but if i set a max width rather than a set width, the embeds on PC look squashed/rectangular/not 800px in width and height.

do y'all see anything weird in my code? :_

if i put the height to auto while max width is there, the embeds become tiny. we've tried different widths to no avail. it is hell in here


i think it's iframes that are cursed. or the combo of max-width with inline block display and iframes. horrible

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