Follow allow me to present my latest work: 'comet guy'

animated in blender with geometry nodes and the ClayDoh shader. music 'looptober 2020 #15' by me, selfsame @selfsame
omfg you are an artist
🧠 yes duh he has told us this and demonstrated art on may occasions
👨 why do i not know more superlatives that mean artist

this is amazeballs

omg it loops seamlessly!

just incredible 🙌

@pho4cexa haha thanks yeah the loop was tricky with the procedural noise it's an actual loop through space @selfsame i don't know why this guy is so compelling but i just watched it three times in a row @selfsame comet guy as a 484k 160x160 looping gif (also sped up)

here's the command if you want to tinker with it

ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -vf "setpts=0.33*PTS,fps=15,scale=160:-1:flags=lanczos,split[s0][s1];[s0]palettegen=max_colors=16[p];[s1][p]paletteuse=dither=bayer" -loop 0 out.gif

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