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hi I'm selfsame and this is my game dev aspect. I've made a lot of art games and have a lot of strange dev gifs I might share from time to time.

I also make tools and have a big interest in procedural generation.

Oh! I'm also a huge fan of Blender and always happy to answer questions.

hilarious how easy it is to add gamepad support to a website compared to say Unity

nothing flashy to show off with openroll but I'm calculating all the hull volumes and using that to limit pick ups and grow the ball shell realistically

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I drew a witch earlier, starting to have more fun with drawing again

amazing, this programmer changed a single number, you'll never believe what happened next

Hello everyone! :knp_weed:
I occasionally make games based on my dreams/nightmares or weird and rarely explored concepts. My main sources of inspiration are works by Kimberly Kubus and Jinxtengu. The games are released under the self-proclaimed studio label "The Secret 13th Channel Productions".

I also like semi-obscure darkwave/ethereal music and 80s jpop!

more katamari clone work: wrote a pooling debug line renderer and about to see how it works if I expand the ball vertexes to where raycasts hit the collected objects

kind of unsure how to avoid chain stacking, katamari definitely uses collisions of objects you add, just somehow avoids stacking them?

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Lack of people following @thewaether is a damning indicator of the poor taste of the Fediverse imo.

really starting to approach completion here, had fun making this holo display thing

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Hi! Game Making Social is a part of the Fediverse dedicated to being a well-moderated, cosy, friendly place to talk and share stuff about amateur videogame making, and everything surrounding that.

It's kinda an offshoot of Game Making Tools, which is a wiki(+) for a similar audience.

Game makers, game writers, game curators, etc. etc. most welcome!

I also try to maintain a list of not-jerk game-making communities on the wiki, which you might find interesting.

Please read the rules before signing-up :)

PS: We have Animal Crossing, LSD, and Klik & Play emoji :3