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hi I'm selfsame and this is my game dev aspect. I've made a lot of art games and have a lot of strange dev gifs I might share from time to time.

I also make tools and have a big interest in procedural generation.

Oh! I'm also a huge fan of Blender and always happy to answer questions.

Seems like a weird oversight we don't have more emoji for game-making tools.. so here's a hypercard one: :hypercard:

ok switching to blend shapes for this animation, just way simpler to get the expressions I want

quick curtain with blender's cloth sewing, really easy to set up it's just edges with no faces

might start a collection of nonliving forms of life as a new special interest



are the two i can think of off the top of my head (plus viruses ofc)

how many different implementations of Vec3 do you have imported at the same time you are like a baby watch this

ok been staring at a black screen all day and realized that my quad has just been tiny this whole time

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fucking around with opengl model view projections today send me strength

video games let you live your wildest dreams, like being a dog

well well it's a game! fennel jam actually ends tomorrow evening so I can just play with level design and balance until then

ok collisions rewritten! pretty much glitch free though you can still trip up a bit in some situations where your horizontal and vertical velocities are similar

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@selfsame have you met my good friend, Edge Cases?

let's see if i can rewrite my collision detection during lunch break :lsd_face2: 💦

I think I might like to build a voxel engine for webgl because

1. I love voxels
2. I could use practice in linear algebra + low level graphics programming.

so much of what I do day to day is mediated by libraries that I'm rusty when it comes to doing The Thing from scratch. I'd avoid three.js but maybe use twgl for it's matrix and vector math libraries? not interested in implementing that from scratch I guess.

tomorrow's the last day of this jam, entities are in with tools to place them and spatial hashing for updating what's on screen and checking collisions.

Honestly I should probably just slap some damage and winstate logic on it and spend most of tomorrow on level editing

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