hello it’s time for me to make an post! i’m an artist with an interest in gamemaking. i’m in college rn and uhhh... i’m rather stressed from that and work so i’m not the most productive when it comes to creative expression. but hopefully i can get into it sooner than later :D i’ve recently started learning how to 3D model so i would appreciate any tips and tricks with that! hope y’all have a nice day~

@safeteazone hello nice to meet you! Same here (ish) but I'm a high school senior :)

@Nebulous hello~ i hope you’ll have more time to work on your art soon!! and good luck with your last leg of high school :D

@safeteazone hello and welcome to the instance! Hope you enjoy your stay! I recommend looking at Blender Guru's Blender tutorials! They great and should fast forward you to expert level 3d modelling! ;D

@wishdream thank you!! and i should check that out. right now i’m using maya, but i’ve seen more (appearing) decent tutorials for blender than for maya... once i have time, i’ll check out that channel’s tutorials!

Welcome @safeteazone 'i’m an artist with an interest in gamemaking' is how I describe myself too :)

Let me know if you have any questions about Mastodon.

RE Blender there's a version called which you might be interested in if you find Blender's interface confusing.

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