So, my next question: What Android app should I be using for this place?

@pholmes Lots of people seem to like Tusky. I prefer Subway Tooter, but I made that descision before Tusky had multi-account support.

The main thing is just don't use Tootdon, 'cause they were doing something dodgey with data.

@gamemakingtools At this point it's a shorter list to tell me who ISN'T doing dodgy things with data these days.

I've been trying out Subway Tooter, but I'm having a hard time getting used to the way it handles different 'columns'. Dunno if it's just not for me or if it just needs to click.

@pholmes Understandable! My Subway Tooter has like 40 columns open, but I dig the messiness of it. I think Tusky is the one with good design. Maybe Mastodroid too.

@gamemakingtools Ok, giving Tusky a shot, it looks like this might be more my speed. Everything seems a bit more streamlined.

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