Taking my CCNA Security in 4 days, anyone got any last minute advice?

Going live in a few with some Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered edition. Come join! twitch.tv/RedPhoenix122

Let's see if I can find a way forward tonight. Streaming more Super Metroid + Link to the Past Randomizer. Come join me! twitch.tv/redphoenix122

Going live with more Super Metroid + Link to the Past Randomizer. Come join the chaos! twitch.tv/redphoenix122

Checking out the Super Metroid/Link To The Past Randomizer tonight. Come join the chaos! twitch.tv/redphoenix122

You might be missing some of the benefits that stereo can provide.

Take action (one small step) on something you’ve been avoiding that will make your life better in the long run.

Me: Spend 10 minutes creating a character
Also me: Spend 2 weeks trying to think of a name for said character.

Is there a good way to watch Blu-rays in a PC? Have the hardware but it seems the software is bad or lacking.

I've been listening to a lot of soundtracks from 80's fighting movies, and I have 2 COMPLETELY unrelated questions:

1. How can I get Stan Bush to write a theme song for me?
2. How do I start a GoFundMe?

MTG Deck Idea:

Nothing but cards to make your opponent shuffle until they concede.

So, my next question: What Android app should I be using for this place?

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