We were messing around with trying to draw PICO-8 sprites for a garden at night and got an idea for how to animate sprites on the map with memcpy().

- πŸ”₯

Made an entire cart for generating random PICO-8 fill pattern gradients.

Arrow keys to change direction of gradient in preview, z/[o] to copy hex codes for current gradient to the clipboard, x/[x] to generate a new one.

- 🐍

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Here's another, but starting from the checkerboard 50-50 gradient in the center and working outwards to the edges.

And accidentally ending up with diagonal lines, but keeping them.

Goes to show just how much expressiveness is possible in 4x4 binary fill patterns.

- 🐍 πŸ”₯ 🎨

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*looks at the gradient background*

*wonders what would happen if instead of having 5 intermediate stages between 0 and 16 pixels in the fill pattern, it had 15*

*cracks open seansleblanc.itch.io/pico-8-fi and gets to work*

- πŸ”₯ 🐍 ✨

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Decided to fiddle today with a "gleam of light reflecting off text" effect in - am considering using it in a project.

- 🐍 ✨

(redrafted for an image description, sorry)

When I shared this with a couple of our friends, I said I "wanted to write something to express something and I don't think I failed".

Updated our PICO-8 asemic writing program to animate the drawing of the glyphs!

- ✍🏽 πŸ”₯

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Today's is pretty short - messing around with similar ideas to the previous one, but restricting it to only two PICO-8 SFX channels.

- πŸ’» 🐲 🎢

Was listening to some funk this morning and decided to take another hack at composing PICO-8 music with a similar feel.

...I like this. I think it works.

- πŸ”₯ 🎢

Have done a give-it-vertical-size thing to the PICO-8 asemic writing cart! Good amount of progress in a day.

- πŸ“ 🦊

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Made a couple tweaks and fixed a bug on the PICO-8 asemic writing thing - still haven't done the give-it-vertical-size thing, but I think the shapes are a bit nicer.

- πŸ“ 🦊

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Watching Allison Parrish's microblogging about computationally generated asemic writing - particularly friend.camp/@aparrish/10386988 about adding a little bit of repetition and structure - has inspired us to mess around a bit with making random glyphs using our PICO-8 bezier curve code.

I think there's definitely room for improvement in this - some kind of "at least this tall" element would make sense, I think - but I'm digging what's here so far.

- ✍🏽 🦊

Tested a few other images (pro tip: crank up the saturation before importing to PICO-8 for better results) and did a quick tweak to the dark green.

- 🐍 🏞️

p.s. This one uses commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fil from Wikimedia Common's list of widescreen wallpapers.

p.p.s. License link is creativecommons.org/licenses/b

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Was thinking about how a X-COM-like game could be made and realized screen palettes could do lighting effects for day vs. dusk vs. night. Put together a couple out of the extended 32-color PICO-8 palette.

Tried to preserve differences in relative luminance, although obviously the darkest colors end up crushed down to black in the darker palettes and the lightest up to white in the searing-brightness one.

- 🐍 🎨

(Image is commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fil from Wikipedia's list of color palettes.)

🦊 🐲 πŸ’­

128 music ticks per second
divided by 255 music ticks per beat
times 60 seconds per minute
= 30.1 BPM

...that's pushing into the territory under 33 BPM where beat sense gets ... shaky. Where rhythm feels almost steady but also not, because the sonic events are just a little too far apart to connect in the mind.

...I guess the only thing to do is to play with it and to work around it.

(Example workaround: dropping a percussion line under it to define a faster, comprehensible pulse.)

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...related to the above:

The slowest possible SPD marking in PICO-8 is 255 music ticks per beat.

255 music ticks
times 1/128 seconds per music tick
times 32 beats per sfx
times 64 sfx patterns per cartridge
= 4080 seconds
= 68 minutes.

...we think that might be an interesting project: create a 68-minute album in a single PICO-8 cart's music patterns and SFX.

- 🐍 🐲 πŸ’­

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Continuing to add characters - letters and PICO-8 emoji - to our font.

Noticing that saving font data on the sprite sheet has a fun side effect.

- ✍🏽 🐲 πŸ’­ 🎨

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*rushes off to go to bed*

- πŸ²πŸ’§

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*redraws the critter a bit*

- ✍🏽 🐲

...wait, does this count as drawn eye contact?

*marks as sensitive just in case*

- ✍🏽 πŸ²πŸ’§

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The symbols part of the PICO-8 font is probably going to be the hardest to recreate, given the pretty hard limitations of the engine we've designed...

- 🐲 πŸ’­

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