what we see PICO-8 doing right as a fantasy console 

1. It is designed, first and foremost, to be a tool that facilitates creativity through intentional constraints.

2. It is mostly well documented (SFX and music docs are lacking).

3. It is polished, with few bugs and good configuration features.

4. It is easy to share creations from, including via export to HTML5, and lightweight enough to run on low-end hardware.

5. It is easy to install and does not require separate libraries.

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(this was a bit inspired by on the Lexaloffle forums contemplating the same question. - 🐲)

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PICO-8 feels like the concept of "the medium is the message" put into practice. We keep remembering Joseph "zep" White's PRACTICE 2018 talk - - when we compare PICO-8 to other fantasy consoles, or game engines in general, and zep's focus on designing a design space.

Calling them fantasy consoles was a convenience of language. It was never about the fiction of imaginary machines.

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