Decided to fiddle today with a "gleam of light reflecting off text" effect in - am considering using it in a project.

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(redrafted for an image description, sorry)

*looks at the gradient background*

*wonders what would happen if instead of having 5 intermediate stages between 0 and 16 pixels in the fill pattern, it had 15*

*cracks open and gets to work*

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Here's another, but starting from the checkerboard 50-50 gradient in the center and working outwards to the edges.

And accidentally ending up with diagonal lines, but keeping them.

Goes to show just how much expressiveness is possible in 4x4 binary fill patterns.

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Made an entire cart for generating random PICO-8 fill pattern gradients.

Arrow keys to change direction of gradient in preview, z/[o] to copy hex codes for current gradient to the clipboard, x/[x] to generate a new one.

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