When we were kids, our brother and us found a combination gamebook (like Choose Your Own Adventure) and videogame at the library used book sale. The player would go through the adventure in the gamebook making decisions, and at points they would be given blocks of Apple II BASIC code to type in. At the end, they would run the code and it would be a videogame customized to the path they took through the gamebook.

...Twine exists. Fantasy consoles exist. This concept could be made again.

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My first thought was that the game should be made in PICO-8 because we've been working with that a lot, but something that can be used free like TIC-80 would probably be better - that way, there's no financial barrier to being able to play the game.

It'd also be good to have an option for the game to generate itself automatically, without the player typing in any code at all.

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@packbat pico8 games can be exported to be played free of charge by people who don't own pico8 the editor

@mavica I know, but the desired play experience would be "player types game into editor", so having a free editor ends up being the crucial part

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@mavica *nods*

...we have thought about making text adventures in PICO-8, though - it's definitely possible.

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@packbat there is probably a good way to use QR codes for this :)

@packbat oh man, and if the game then spat out "now turn to page X" depending on... like, doing well at a minigame

@maya It could definitely go either way - gamebook changing videogame or vice-versa

*has a thought, checks*

It looks like PICO-8 has a defined way for web export cartridges to exchange data with other Javascript on the page, so yeah - I bet a Twine game with embedded PICO-8 minigames would absolutely work

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@maya QR codes would probably be a more reliable way to print source code on a text document, for sure!

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@packbat twine is infinitely more flexible, but there's something cute about the idea of a paper codex I could have read as a kid in the back of the car, and then getting to a QR code and getting really excited that there'd be a game

@maya *nods!*

If I made it, I'd definitely want to be using Twine as a better UI for a paper gamebook rather than designing /for/ Twine. The perfect version of it would totally be a paperback like the Endless Quest and Choose Your Own Adventure books of our youth.

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