I wonder if one could design a fantasy console around minimizing power consumption.


Continuing the minimizing-power-consumption fantasy console theme: what if there were a fantasy console designed around the limitations of electrophoretic displays - e-ink/e-paper displays?

(see youtube.com/watch?v=dhRgw0HfrY et seq. and youtube.com/watch?v=MsbiO8EAsG )

If you're designing for a display with a max refresh rate of 3 Hz - and which has all kinds of ghosting when used at that rate, and a serious chance of damaging the display if you're not careful - how do you design your games?

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@LogicalDash visual novels would translate really well, yeah

choice-based text adventures, even parser-based text adventures for people who don't mind keyboard lag

Myst-likes with animations designed to work within the limitations of the display

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@packbat but give it a decent processor and you get a whole genre of Dragon Pass clones

@packbat games that *look* like board games would do fine, I think

You could do a Civilization on it

@LogicalDash @packbat yeah, as long as you design it not to rely on screen scrolling i guess.

@packbat it would probably be pretty easy to make one of these! Pick a popular ebook reader with a broken bootloader and go to town

just noticed that the image preview on @packbat has eye contact in it - ☝🏽 e-paper fantasy console concept post

@packbat I have a synth with a little eink screen on it. i love that it keeps the info on it even when off, which could be a fun thing to work with in a game too.

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