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Quick from me on my new instance: hi! I'm Packbat, an autistic nonbinary USian just getting seriously into game dev. My main focus as a game maker right now is PICO-8, which I have found delightful; in the recent past, I've made games with LΓ–VE (Love2d) and Bitsy as well as a couple tabletop games.

I love small games and experimental games and one-person projects, and I'm excited about joining a community dedicated to such. :heart_ace:

Unrelatedly, a weird trick I stumbled over while working on my secret game project: by putting a bunch of sprites in a row on the sprite sheet, I can do animations by just incrementing or decrementing the sprite number to move across the sheet from the start sprite towards the end sprite.

I bet I could do rotations of a car for a driving game this way, too. Use the modulo (%) operator to cycle from the end to the beginning of the loop.

...I swear, refactoring is way more stressful than I was expecting. I spent half the time on edge wondering how much I'd missed.

However: instead of having - *counts* - 9 separate Lua tables storing information on the same objects for my PICO-8 game, I've consolidated all that data into one table so I can foreach() with them. It's not the big _update() function refactor I have planned, but it's significant and it's done.

Just tried out the beginning of the Roadwarden demo - - and my first impression of it was extremely positive. I think I'd call it a graphical adventure roleplaying game - muchly about exploring and understanding a setting, and trying to stay out of trouble while pursuing dangerous challenges.

I kind of want to stream it. It being a demo, though, I'm not sure how that'd work.

There was a graphical element in my secret PICO-8 game project that I originally planned to be just a symbol, but over the course of refining things, I ended up making it diegetic? So today I realized that I needed to redraw it, because all the diegetic elements are depicted in a specific style and this hadn't been.

That, and I'd been talking to a friend about how to sum up a story they wrote and coherency came up there, too. Finding the core meaning that the story had and conveying that.


Been thinking a lot about coherency today. Not ... /effectively/, if effectiveness is being able to say anything (heh) coherent, but just ... it seems pretty important.

Identifying core elements seems to help. Often "the thing that pushed me to make this real" is a good core element to build things around.

...idk. Just thinking.

Oh, positive news about my PICO-8 extended palette info cart infographic (cart is and graphic is attached): it's been working really well for me!

Granted, I am reasonably quick with mental arithmetic, but the workflow of "find color A, calculate threshold for desired contrast, look at colors beyond that threshold" has been doing the job well for me.

Little bit of self-promotion: if you're a subscriber to my Patreon, I just made a small update post about my secret PICO-8 game project there

Figured I hadn't posted in a while, and hey! I'm proud of what I did, small or no.

...nervous about whether I'll be able to compose good music for my game. I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.

Which, like, I've never composed music before so that's to be expected? But it's still something that makes me nervous.

For those who weren't aware of Playscii, my open source ASCII art, animation, and game creation program, I released two minor updates for it recently, most of which make its Art Mode a bit more polished:

When you learn music theory you hear rules like "no parallel motion in fifths" and "V resolves to I" and eventually you learn these aren't bright lines you mustn't cross, they're guides we've observed to have worked in the past. Storytelling classes skip that last part I guess?

The conflict-driven story is an extremely Western, capitalist form.

finished a bitsy game for the first time in months, and it's only one room

enjoy your stay at hotel β„•!!

gameing hot take (content warnings: ableist abuse, one swear but it appears twice) 

I have a role play game pdf to share.

"Sigmata: This Signal Kills Fascists" is a role play game about a fascist 1980s America, where cybernetic revolutionary heroes fight against the regime. It includes dialogue on real-world revolution and rebellion and attempts to apply real-world principles in the game system.

If this link runs out (max 10 downloads) then I'll post another one in this thread.

#anarchism #cyberpunk #cybernetic #anarchy #revolution #rebellion #regime #roleplay #ttrpg #rpg #game #gaming #sigmata #tskf

im kind of ... music dumb, but im tired of my pico-8 carts being silent - is there any starter tutorials on how to, like, compose music?

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