I'm making a game for the ZX Spectrum Next using C. This is my ongoing devlog on the process.

In this episode I waffle on about the general aim of what I'm trying to do and some of the code I have written so far.


Scully cures Skinner of the hanta virus. Mulder accuses a corrupt prosecutor of being an alien.

New users from Twitter read this 

New users: be aware that a lot of us, old users, hardly went on an other social network for >5 years. We had our dramas there and then but most of the time the fediverse was a peaceful place. Please don't bring the Twitter culture. I'm talking about the negativity toward others and everything.

The fediverse works with a federation of servers. We can block or mute whole instances so we won't engage with people we don't want to talk with, because they are kept outside of our instances and their instances of choice get muted.

The result is that we are mostly protected from nasty debates.

It's OK to confront hurtful statements, off course, but here we have the power to banish them out of our sights while they can do they so called free speach by themselves on other instances

You wait three months for a new house to be built, and it all comes down to waiting for bank transfers to happen.

This can't be good, my brain just flipped into "Friday mode". It's only half past Thursday...

How make 99% less mistakes than you normally do - listen to that tiny little voice in your head that says "stop a minute, something isn't right".

Only nearly wiped out a fairly complex function because I was looking at the wrong source file.

"Look at the filename, something isn't right"
"O_o ... good point"

Success comes from persistently improving and inventing, not from persistently doing whats not working.

When your project is not a hit, don't keep pushing it as is, get back to improving, present each new idea and improvement to the world, until people are shouting "shut up and take my money!"

Dont waste years fighting uphill battles against closed doors. Improve/invent until you get that huge response.

While playing No Man’s Sky I've been turning my favorite screenshots from the game into classic sci fi novel covers. I've made three so far: Ascendant Eden, The Satellite Sun, and The Scavenger of Eden.

Ubuntu is trying really hard to act like a "real" desktop OS. It now even tries to crash like one!

Hey to any of you people interested in audio production be it for a game you're making or just as a hobby, I highly recomend you check out Cakewalk SONAR by BandLab its a free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for P.C. :) 🎵 🎶 🎙️

Me just now... "What's that banging outside?" ... "oh yeah, it's bin day, it's the binmen" ... "where's my bin?" ... "ah... forgot to put it out"


Just been to the bank and sorted out my accounts and booked a meeting with a mortgage adviser. I think that's enough adulting for one day, i'm spending the rest trying to make video games for my ESP32 based Odroid-Go console.


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