:knp_bbboy: ahhh nothing like a solid day's work doing uh, whatever it is I'm standing on and holding onto
:knp_bbboy: :acnl_apple: muncm munch crunch yum apple
:knp_weed: hey! what the he'lls wrong with you?! that was my friend!
:knp_bbboy: uh oh, sorry I guess
:knp_weedc: is that all you have to say for yourself?!
:knp_bbboy: yea
:knp_weed: you will regret this.....

:knp_weed: that's the plan! everybody got that?
:knp_bug: *screeech*
:knp_weed: yes, beetle, I'll get you a new shell afterwards.
:knp_frog: ribbit ribbit
:knp_weed: no, your pond will be fine after a few weeks
:tloz_fairy: I'm not a plant or animal. so what do I do?
:knp_weedc: what!! get OUTTA here!! rotten spy

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:tloz_fairy: oh, please, listen to me! you're in grave danger!
:knp_bbboy: I already know that! that apple? it wasn't coated in caramel...... it was coated in POISON!
☢️ you're really in for it now, that's what ya get for eating me!!
💀 rip me
:tloz_fairy: oh no!

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:knp_weedc: okay I just got here where's that loser?! all I see is a skeleton. who cares about skeletons. am I RIGHT?
:tloz_fairy: you're too late...
:knp_weedc: oh yeah? think you can stop us?!
:tloz_fairy: well that skeleton IS him!
:knp_weed: ah damnit... typical.
:knp_bug: *screeeeech* *screeeeech*
:knp_weed: put your shell back on, we don't need you anymore, god! try to keep up would ya?

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