Some of the motion graphics I have already made will be incorporated into this game project. particularly the orb stuff

Designing of a new game has begun.. A journey across the subconscious represented through the color spectrum.. Something like 90's abstract point and click adventures.

this one is kind of a busy render, done from the newest blenderbinge video cause it looked fun

last night i rendered a 360 frame volumetric animation in PNG mode so it just dumped 360 images and it was all for nothing... so now im rendering that shit again lmao. I know I can make an animation out of the individual pictures but i am just not mentally prepared to use that workflow

another quick doodle riffing off a tutorial, was fun. all these small things help me get more used to the many niche tools of blender

i kind of really want to just like, make a bunch more abstract 3d animations and then compile them together in like a 5-10 minute video thing like Mind's Eye every once in a while. On their own its not enough for youtube i feel...

a 3d doodle inspired by listening to the orb - a huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld

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felt like making something kinda gross so here's a supertorus made with a weird fleshy sausage skin

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compression kinda ruins it. it was originally 16 mbs... too big for this instance.

i am a humble servant of whatever this animation is supposed to represent.

CW for grossish

added a few things. played with textures, didnt like any of them so far. gonna work at it l8r

this was a good enough start. not an overwhelming amount of stuff. gonna do like... 4-7 props next time i touch this. then after that, texturing. then lighting touch-ups and post-processing after that.

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