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Asking for help (not money) 

I'm looking for someone to write for the game im working on, i wanted to do it all myself bc i can't pay anyone but if you're not very busy and like making stories hmu 👉👉
Basically what I'd need u to do is create the characters and plot, I'll link to the design doc i have going so you'll know what you're working with
I'm doing the code, mechanics, art and design, and i may be able to write the dialogue once the story and everything is worked out so that's less work for you

Whoops went a bit off course for a bit but i convinced myself i dont need to try making a game engine in lisp
Still hemming and hawing between Python and gamemaker for game tho

Really should start on branching dialogue today i even found a tutorial on it thatll help but id b surprised if i even get another temp sprite done its a v cloudbrained day

I think yesterday i worked on my website and all i did on my game was make a temp sprite for a building and throw it in the room with rough collision checking
Super not a lot, but im still surprised ive been able to consistently work on it this long even if its just a tiny bit a day. Plus blobby as it is i at least have a slightly better idea how things are gonna look and its exciting

pff just had a moment of "omg thats funny that the room background for testing was a very saturated blue haha that's like in the game!" before realizing i did that on purpose *facepalm*

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i have this concept that like naturey stuff is gonna b v light and cool tones, plants being blues (and plant people also being blu)

there's this 5 colour palette i saw on a palette website thingy and it was so cute and the mockup art was ADORABLE and i looked up the artist and shes made a couple rly cute looking games and idk it made me happy
even if i could pull off such a limited palette tho im indulging in a worldbuilding vision i had a while ago that's very blue heavy and apparently a lot of palettes other ppl make don't have a lot of vibrant blues hhh

so far for sprites i have tree and sign, and player character
gonny try n do a building and an npc, and some terrain stuff like pathways, so i can put a scene together and do some palette mockups

damb adding some doodly trees, changing the background colour, and adding an unanimated sprite isn't much but it really makes the project feel more like a game than when it was just coloured squares wandering around a blue field of solid colour
also now that im working w actual sprites i tweaked the view settings so now everything's scaled nicely 👍

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the basic failure of most all speculative fiction, both fantasy and scifi, is the failure to examine its societal pre-assumptions. they show worlds 1000 years in the future or the past or in a wholly separate universe, inhabited by people who, despite the presence of magic or hypertechnology & a completely different material circumstances, still basically live & think like 20th century westerners — and when they don't, it's virtually always shown as a moral or intellectual failing

shit forgot to image description it's pixel art of a blue tree

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@honeycombb true, yeah!

I suppose if you want a toy that might offer inspiration, you could play around with Palettsy? zenzoa.itch.io/palettsy It's built for designing 3-color Bitsy palettes, but maybe the process will suggest ideas that you can build around.

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I gotta work out the aesthetics of the game but hh..
Anyone have tips on things like deciding on palettes? I have high level ideas for how i want this to look but im so bad at details

Oo i dont have to work on the code today tho hmmMM maybe do some spriting or ui layouts

Gotta set a goal for smth to work on today hnng... I finished p much everything i already mostly knew how to do so the rest of the programming is gonna be figuring things out as i go along :')

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