psych a friend on discord helped me out.

For those curious: resetting the animation with $, true) works better than $"RESET") ! At least in this specific instance (called in the _on_AnimationPlayer_animation_finihsed() signal function)

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Obligatory sorry for barely posting. I need help with this.

This flicker happens at the end of the animation because I'm resetting the boxes to their original positions but changing the text labels to be what they're "supposed" to be. This happens in the same function so I expected it to happen on the same frame but apparently it doesn't.

I'm using the built-in Godot AnimationPlayer node so I can't load the boxes in programmatically. Does anyone have any ideas?

Ayyy now it can look around!

I don't understand vector math at all so I just stole this code from reddit D:

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Temporarily abandoning Ghost Dating Sim to work on learning 3d. I have a cool idea for an eventual 3d platformer.

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and on the pedestal these words appear:

my name is ozymandias, and i’m here to say
that my works are great in a major way


The dialogue system that I wrote while high surprisingly worked as expected. I just had to fix one relatively minor mistake and then reconnect a signal that got broken when I renamed it.

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Dialogue system is working!! (Kind of!)

Portrait art by


I am writing my first parser. System programming is great. I don't think that me being high is a factor in this. I am having fun writing a parser and writing the documentation for my sober self to be able to write data files that work with the parser. I am having fun.

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Today I added the front of the house and the gate, and some dialogue boxes.
Next I need to:
- Redo dialogue box and text
- Redo dialogue system (like I said in the last box that I cut short editing)
- Add the land behind the gate
- Add inventory system and items
- Start on the Foyer (I finished the Willow sprite, but I need a scenes system and a tileset for the inside)

:0 my home instance officially went down. Guess I'm moving in.

This is the equivalent to moving into my studio space after I get evicted and being like "well I do spend more time here anyway so it probably won't be any different."

How embarassing, I still had learning: Unity in my bio after I switched to Godot.

Anyway, progress!!

(I know it looks like I keep posting the same scene over and over lmao I'm tweaking stuff like collisions and whether or not I use the tilemap which isn't super obvious in gif form. Next on my todo is make the rest of the art assets for this scene (grass, bushes, a path, a gate, and the outside of the mansion), so next post might actually be interesting)

It has been months since I logged on here D:

This is what I've been working on!

I'm barely on masto anymore my bad but here's something I did recently in the form of a tik tok:

One week game:

I'm sorry for this one. I had 4 levels planned but the first one took so long I gave up.

That being said, I might finish this and include it as a mini game in a real game. So consider this a proof of concept.

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