@genericgeekgirl I'm stuck on Hippo on Elm Street! I've eaten all the sweets and I can't find anything else to interact with.

Hint please?

@JordiGH Sorry, I'm just seeing this now! Did you make any progress? It's been a while, so I don't remember details off the top of my head, but I'll play through it later and see what comes next :)

@genericgeekgirl Aw, thanks! I'm still stuck. A hint would be delightful... as is your game.

@JordiGH Ok, I just quickly ran through the entire game. You ate the candy, meaning you made it to the table. Did you fly or climb? Have you interacted with the box o' scary sounds?

@genericgeekgirl You can fly? :O

I climbed. And the box o' scary sounds was taken away by a vampire!


@JordiGH Y

You can wear the napkin as a cape. It's not quite flying, so much as gliding... :D

So, you might be short some optional points, but it sounds like you're at the end game. You've dealt with the scary sounds, and you've had something to eat. What did the intro text say your goals were?

@genericgeekgirl Hm, eat tasty things and figure out where the smells came from! Hmmmm... maybe I can figure out the rest from here? I think I already ate everything! I'm surprised I'm not stuffed.

omg I gotta try the napkin cape brb

@genericgeekgirl "You drape the napkin over your back like a tiny cape. Super Hippo!"


hint hint hint 


"All you want to do is snuggle up in a warm sock and take a nap"

hint hint hint 

@genericgeekgirl Awwwwwww, alright, got it. 30/40. I still have a couple of points to find!


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