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So here's something I've been very, very bad at self-promoting:

Fractive is my open-source tool for writing hypertext games using Markdown!

It's a little bit like Twine, but for people who'd rather just write straight-ahead instead of fussing with the node graph.


Idea is people work together to create a language, make games using it, then destroy the dictionary/grammar documentation.

@HihiDanni I don't do any game dev myself, but here's something I think ya'll might be interested in or might serve as like as a gateway for getting into this kind of stuff.

This is a way/program to get Twine games working on the Sega Master System and Game Gear, and even be able to add pictures. So you can basically make visual novels/choose your adventure games that'll work on those two systems.

Hihi Masto! Curious to see if there are any #retro #gamedev folks on here. Even if you haven't done any real dev work and are just interested in old hardware, let's be friends! Maybe form a small community too?

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Pictured: Some of the engine stuff I've been working on.

Obligatory level editor appreciation post! I really need to play with this more. The Tomb Raider Level Editor came on the game disc (I think 4 and 5, but I'm not sure?) and it's the exact tool the designers used to build the game's levels. It was (and still is) also available online. It comes with a great tutorial written by one of the designers which includes interesting bits about the design of the levels in the actual games.

It's Fair Use Week! Fair use is an essential right under copyright law, supporting the constitutional purpose of copyright: to promote the progress of science and the useful arts.

Okay, I’m building entries now for the site. Queer/POC/Marginalized creators of any kind, if you’d like to have an entry on please email me at

I’d like to build a website for people to find marginalized creators of any kind. Youtubers, comic artists, streamers, physical goods makers, cooks; if you make something I’d like to add you.

There is a worrying trend of more and more new 2D games with an always-on screen shake effect. Some people get nausea from such effects. If you do too, feel free to join our Steam group that tries fight against this trend by asking developers not to force such effects on players #linux #gaming #linuxgaming



This is a decent v3 video tutorial so far!

Also reminds me of my only real problem with it--really unintuitive naming for some things. I remember the first time I used it just staring at all the node types and not being able to figure out which I needed.

Learning Crocotile 3D ny messing up the demo scene. You can vary the texture density by painting with alt-left-click

Change is the universal aspect of all these sources of story. Story is something moving, something happening, something or somebody changing. -- Ursula K. Le Guin (stolen off Tumblr via M. Christian & others)

Modernist manuals of writing often conflate story with conflict. This reductionism reflects a culture that inflates aggression and competition while cultivating ignorance of other behavioral options. No narrative of any complexity can be built on or reduced to a single element. Conflict is one kind of behavior. There are others, equally important in any human life, such as relating, finding, losing, bearing, discovering, parting, changing. ... (Ursula Le Guin, Con'td Next)

To follow-up that (unlisted, I think) retoot I should mention that I try to keep a good list of accessibility links here:

It's very probably umprovable!

hey gamedev folks pls read and bookmark this if you haven't already, it's important (boosts welcome and encouraged)

I wrote a little thing about HenyaG, a weird free Japanese PalmOS game-making tool from the early 2000s

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