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gave us the motivation to finally setup a CI/CD for a WebGL Unity project. Got a long detour trying to set up self-hosted runners (fruitlessly, sigh!), but still learned quite a lot and very happy that the rest of the team will soon be able to test new versions almost on the fly as we develop ^_^. Big shoutout to the people at for the great actions and documentation!

Oooo links to lots of texture CDs

It's a cool wiki too, with lots of investigation into the history of different textures.

Found it via someone sharing this:

Probably a good time to mention that if anyone coming over from has emoji they miss let me know so I can grab them before it's too late.

New blog post! I wrote about Eriko Tamura’s Oz, a Wizard of Oz pastiche for kids with shockingly good photography and some pretty cool CGI design.

Zoozel is a *single key* racing game with support for up to 4 simultaneous players. Kind of surprised it never took off.

It's hold key to turn left and not accelerate. That's it.

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Hey #lazyweb! I'm trying to find a palaeoartist in #Tasmania to have a chat with about some Bonesweeper stuff (the palaeontology game I'm developing). Can anybody help? RTs appreciated 🦕🖌️ #Paleoart #FossilFriday #Gamedev #Indiedev

The question mark signifies mock disbelief, not an actual question.

IKEA store layouts *are* installation comics, deal with it.

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Dicking about with the new wiki project encouraged me to try fixing the search on the GMT one; so hey, the search autocomplete thing is no longer case sensitive!

I uploaded a new version of NEXXT to itch. It adds several new features in the palette, ppu mask & "type in mode" departments, along with other ease-of-use improvements & bugfixes.

The tool is Free to use & public domain.

🛠️ Title: Fyrox
🦊️ What's: A libre, general-purpose & mature game engine for 3D/2D game development
🔖 #Linux #GameDev #Engine #Libre
📖 Our entry:

🥁️ Update: 0.24➜0.27
⚗️ Major update
📌️ Changes:
🐘 From:

🤓️ (0.24)

So, does there exist anywhere on the internet a text-based “introduction to blender” tutorial? Like, text with screenshots that I can follow at my own pace instead of trying to watch 17 hours of YouTube video and pausing and try to jump back if i need a refresher on where to find a menu item or whatever? (Boosts+) #blender

Fediblock rec.: 

Here's a guy who sucks:

Boosting transphobic shit from Spinster, Kiwifarms, poast—

Watched a middling doco on Ursula K Le Guin on Youtube and it had a good quote relevant to game making:

> There're an awful lot of books about writing here, and they tend to be very full of rules: do this, don't do that. I don't talk about rules, because I have come to believe that every story must make its own rules _and obey them_.

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