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In our current episode we speak with Chris Klimas, creator of Twine, talking about creating the popular interactive fiction authoring tool.

You can listen via our website, rss or podcast platforms, or read the transcript on our site.

thinking about best ways to share the ephemera, especially hand-made, that we find in our collection. these are all maps from text adventure games...

One of the most difficult things receiving negative feedback is to hold back the instinctive need to defend your precious, little child and try to pose the right questions in order to understand what exactly went wrong and how to make your game even better.

What are your go-to questions when you receive negative feedback? What are the general guidelines you use to get useful information out of them?

I decided to make a Starter Guide to simplify getting people into what is now almost 2.5 years of Indiepocalypse. If you're not sure what Indiepocalypse is, it's a great place (one might say the ideal) place to start getting into this exciting new world of indie games!

#indiedev #gamedev #indiegame #indiegames #art #videogames #gaming #creativetoots

I just discovered the mastodon web app shows you a list of keyboard shortcuts if you hit ?

Maybe everyone's heard this already, but the code for BRender and 3D Movie Maker were both released recently.

(There are a few different releases of BRender on there. Best source of info is probably:

Real curious to see what people do with 3DMM. I can imagine people having lots of fun with it if you can import your own models.

We had some pack-in Nickelodeon one when I was a kid, but it never ran well enough to use.

Hello world!

This is the account for the Artists and Hackers podcast. We cover 'art, code and community' and are excited to join post.lurk since we've been fans for a long time.

Just released rt-shell 4. This is a free and open-source debug console for and version 4 has a ton of new features

You can find it on GameMaker Marketplace:

Let me know if you use it and if you need any help with it I'm always around

After a year of updates I'm changing my newsletter format to PWYW, including free! It's probably the best way to keep up with what I'm doing regularly for now. Here's the most recent issue to give you a sense of what I include:

and the general intro/explainer:

Block rec.: 

New soapbox instance at


Making an account because you want to "reach" an "audience" is fundamentally different from making an account because you want to post, and maybe *connect* with *people.*

The first is fundamentally tainted with an advertising and marketing mindset. It affects how you use the space and and how you view everyone else who uses it.

To summarize: Collecting followers isn't a personality.

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Hi @Akz , welcome to Sorry your welcome is so late, it's been a busy week in the Fediverse.

I've been meaning to look at DragonRuby Game Toolkit for a while, so I'm looking forward to you posting about it.

If you have any questions about Mastodon and the Fediverse let me know. You may find this WIP guide and the links a helpful starting point:

I received several reports of people not being able to move their accounts due to the Aliases page crash bug on v3.5.1.

To avoid waiting longer for the next release I decided to patch this version with the introduced fix

Hopefully this will help.

I will be starting to apply the patch now and this will cause about ~15 seconds of downtime.

will not be designing much after all i'm just going to throw shit in for now

(free assets from itch)

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The University of Chicago made a program that makes your face undetectable in photos, but only to algorithms.

Do keep in mind that while it might be nearly 100% effective now, it's likely that the tech will improve to defeat Fawkes.

It still seems useful for ephemeral photos that are posted to private groups, especially on corporate platforms that might have code to do this type of thing in real time but might not be storing the data for the long term.

Mastodon PSA, mostly for admins 

Mastodon has a thing called AUTHORIZED_FETCH. You should almost definitely enable it.
Some people say "but blocked instances can still see my posts" well not with this thing on. This makes server check who is trying to get your posts and will yeet all the blocked instances. That's what all modern software just assumes but it prevents Scaling (and relays) so it's not on by default.

If you are on you can ask this to be enabled.

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