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let michael jordan play baseball
not because he has earned it,
but because it shall be a human right
and a human sacrament
to attain mastery and become dissatisfied
to miss the life of a beginner
and to make yourself anew
let pagliacci get depressed
let james joyce's amanuensis
reach her full capacity for rhythmic dance
let all of us write solo albums that suck
let's fuck it up

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Can anyone rec a good pixel editor w layers and animation frames? Long story short i wanna use libresprite but that would b inconvenient and the few others ive tried uhhh suck

Reminder: the Decade Jam has started. I’m not sure 10 years will be enough for me to finish a game but I’m in.

In 2020, stop gatekeeping #art. Let people enjoy the simple act of grabbing a pack of markers and doodling.

Ever since I burned out so hard that it took the entire year of 2017 for me to recover, I’ve made it a personal rule that I’m never going to work on a weekend no matter how much I want to, and I PROMISE I’ve been sticking to it. But man oh man am I happy to be back to work today

Realizing I don’t play a whole lot of alt/art/smol games by POC... Any games folks have made or would recommend? Boosts welcome!

Found out about an undocumented feature of from on the forums:

Unlike the rest of the instruments, volume does not equal /volume/ for instrument 6, the noise generator; volume equals "dirtiness". To adjust volume, the sfx has to be put in a custom sfx instrument slot (one of sfx 0-7) and that custom sfx instrument has to be played at a desired volume.

Hopefully explanation of that will get added to the manual at some point.

ooh, hydra book!

"Hydra is an analog-synth-like coding environment for real-time visuals."

The biggest technical hurdle I've had to cross while coding is the dogmas of other coders.

@lorenschmidt Ah, I think I know the answer to this one, and it's a fun piece of ambiguous wording.

What you're looking for is "Tool's Size." "Brush radius (Editor)" is for controlling the radius property in the brush editor dialog.

Hope that helps!

Hi @BagelHero , welcome to the Fediverse!

Let me know if you have any questions, 'cause I know it can be a bit confusing.

A good start is to make a public introductory post and tag it with and

does anyone happen do know how to bind any of these GIMP brush size options to keys? i have tried all of them and none of them actually do anything.

in a previous config i had increase / decrease bound to two keyboard keys, which is really useful for pixel art..

Welcome @cake_admin !

Hope you like it here, let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi! Game Making Social is a part of the Fediverse dedicated to being a well-moderated, cosy, friendly place to talk and share stuff about amateur videogame making, and everything surrounding that.

It's kinda an offshoot of Game Making Tools, which is a wiki(+) for a similar audience.

Game makers, game writers, game curators, etc. etc. most welcome!

I also try to maintain a list of not-jerk game-making communities on the wiki, which you might find interesting.

Please read the rules before signing-up :)

PS: We have Animal Crossing, LSD, and Klik & Play emoji :3