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IGN out here like "hey it's BHM so we're looking to get freelance articles about how you're black and like videogames, bonus points if it's extra sad"'s always annoying to have to be "The Black /voice^TM" in creative media. Can't just talk about videogames, gotta talk about how there are no good black hairstyles in MH or whatever. like yes those issues are important but could you hire me when i wanna a game?? this is hard to parse into words tbh

Can't remember why I was following openculture, maybe for the mission statement rather than what they actually do?

Read this terrible history of punk that was just white people, and drew some incredibly long lines to include as many as possible, _and_ completely limited to the USA and UK.


Five year anniversary of Flappy Bird being removed from the app store!!! Yes I was radicalized by Flappy Bird thanks for asking!!

@coleoptera that was the worst thing right? even if that bogus "asset rip" argument were true, to stan for a megacorp making billions while sacrificing some unseen vietnamese developer for the audacity to vaguely resemble some two decades old pixels uhhhh

the poor guy received death threats over this

AND THEN two weeks later all was forgotten and people continued to listen to the gamesdudes who stoked those fires in the first place like nothing ever happened, ffs

✨ Hey, I made a bitsy mixer template which you can download and use. ✨

Collect your favourite #bitsy games and present them nicely at your next games event, showcase or arcade. Will also build custom ones if anyone would like that.

💖 💖

i am interested, for instance, in mechanically and narratively giving a sense that the player does not automatically own or get to control distribution of all resources they come across. is someone else in that space? who and what is using this water supply?

this is such an interesting and challenging area of game design.
trying to work my way out of a colonialist narrative+lore in a game with conventional game mechanics & verbs and, folks: games sure are colonial as heck!!

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This Is Not an Atlas gathers more than 40 counter-cartographies from all over the world. This collection shows how maps are created and transformed as a part of political struggle, for critical research or in art and education: from indigenous territories in the Amazon to the anti-eviction movement in San Francisco; from defending commons in Mexico to mapping refugee camps with balloons in Lebanon; from slums in Nairobi to squats in Berlin; from supporting communities in the Philippines to reporting sexual harassment in Cairo. This Is Not an Atlas seeks to inspire, to document the underrepresented, and to be a useful companion when becoming a counter-cartographer yourself.


#NotAnAtlas #Geography #cartography #CounterCartography @weeklyOSM

Non-judgemental reminder that both ableist terms and slurs have histories (and present-day realities) behind them, and can hurt despite best intentions (or not, depending)

"retention" is a poisoned concept. if your goal is to maximize play time, you're exploiting your players. games should be made to serve people, never the other way round.

The next round of the #MusicCollab will start on Sunday!

Don't know what this is about? If you're any kind of music maker, you can sign up, be randomly paired with another music maker, and make an awesome song to a specific theme together.

We've released three albums so far ( )

If you don't want to miss the sign-up, check back here on Sunday, when I will post the link, or sign up to the mailing list:

#Music #CreativeToots #MastoMusic

@prebird Welcome prebird!

Looking forward to see what you make ;) ;)

Always happy to help with understanding the Fediverse, game making and web stuff :)

Would any open source developers, and/or mastodon instance maintainers be interested in trying out large-scale consensus-building tools I'm working on?

Oh hey I remembered to put a repo for our custom CSS up, feel free to make suggestions, post issues, make pull requests, etc.

do folks have open source game engine recs? i'm tired of unity and also tired of rolling my own stuff and i wanna learn something new that i can really morally get behind

@abundance I tinkered with Kha for a bit and really liked working in Haxe.


▱▱▱▱ MUSHY ▱▱▱▱

is an asset pack of neural network generated isometric tiles, for use in your projects. its a complete mess and i'm very proud of it. you can get it for free at -

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Hi! I hope Game Making Social is a cosy, friendly place to talk and share stuff about amateur videogame making and everything surrounding that. It's kinda an offshoot of Game Making Tools, which is a wiki(+) for a similar audience.