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I need your "random encounters for a fantasy warband" ideas again. Specifically looking for "things you might encounter in plains/fields" and "things you might encounter in woods". Ideally not just monsters - I'm thinking sidequest givers, upgrade offerers, or other things with more interesting "hooks" about them. is a useful program I found for migrating your github issues + wiki + code over to gitea.

hope it helps anyone else looking to #deletegithub

Oh hey, there's a cool-looking Flickgame event this Saturday. Make 16 games :knp_al:

Twitter link to Increpare's original post:

I wrote about the response to Steam's blog post yesterday, specifically the hand wringing over what is to be done about asset flipping:

Also please boost this call out for random doodles/snapshots/whatever to be made into a giant asset pack for flatgames: :hotboi:

I believe I've fixed the forum registration issue :knp_bug: Also added support for OpenID :knp_bbboy:

'There's something seriously wrong with this city. Last week we had to arrest a group of cape-wearing idiots beating a poor drug addict to death because he'd stolen some old lady's purse.'
The bartender handed Inspector Joden another scotch.
'When the first so called heroes began to show up in Nocturban, everyone was thrilled,' said the bartender. 'Now we're all afraid. When people begin to take the law into their own hands, nobody's safe.'
#amwriting #tootfic #flashfiction

🌈 Hoping your week is off to a good start! πŸ’–
I'm offering $500 mini grants to queer folks to be used toward projects/life/whatever. Application open through the end of the month.

GrafX2 looks like a great tool for pixelart. It is Free Software and available for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Hmmm. maybe i'll do a gitea install at

DIV Games Studio v1.03b (Hammer Technologies, 1998)

@kensanata All the software I've written for RPGs is here:

You might be interested in Prexxer ( to make super quick avatars, or Lyre ( or Map Discoverer ( to show images/maps to your players.

Just posted an issue on :itch: Itch's :github: RE getting a Masto link in creator profiles. If you wanna comment or give a thumbs-up it's here:


New post: Generating Trees and Other Interesting Shapes With L-Systems
(with interactive demo!)