Anyone have a good read on how to set up a mailing list?

Very excited to announce:

💥hydra microgrants 💥
funding for community projects involving hydra video synth

💥Apply by November 7th!! 💥

💥 organised by @hellocatfood
and @ojack , w/ guest judge Monrhea Carter

#generativeart #livecoding

@minterpunct @clayote Seems right now. You might have to do a hard refresh of the page if you've had a tab open.

@minterpunct @clayote Oh bugger. Looks like that's something I messed up with CSS. Will be fixed in a minute.

instance meta 

@rodneylives mate can you post the replies unlisted or use a cw if you're gunna do a big offtopic thread on the local timeline. on a small instance it kinda takes over everything.

Been wanting to transfer some stuff off cassette for ages, but all my tapes players are broken (and all my CD players… and my record player was being weird today…). Had the thought last night to see if there were any made to fit in a 5¼ drive bay and hey look at these fellas:

(I'm not actually going to buy one of these, I'll just replace a belt or four, I just like learning about things you can put in drive bays)

Call for 'Ghost', a new issue of Runway edited by Xanthe Dobbie

@minterpunct I was looking for videogame controller images on wikimedia the other week and mostly found photos of boothbabes.

Gamergate, selfie, extreme eye contact 

@hache Fucking hell. Glad he's in the bin at least.

re: Block recs.:, 

@Zauberin Oh thanks, I didn't realise that. I've only heard it as slang for ejaculate.

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