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Game Making Toolts

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tech demo of #softskin, a cpp lib for to transform meshes into dynamic objects #Creativecoding @polymorphcool #Libre #gamedev #physics #3d


Hi! We are the Nonbinary Wiki, an free online resource about #nonbinary #gender identities. As a wiki, we are a volunteer-powered, not-for-profit project, so I thought that having a Mastodon account would be a good idea.

Check us out here:

IFComp ( is now accepting author registrations! IFComp is exciting, and stressful, and there are cash prizes for interactive fiction, and you should read the rules before entering. Yes, this is an ambivalent sort of reminder.

Hello #gamers!

Any good #OpenSource #games with accounts on here that people could follow? Developers' accounts count too.

🎮 🕹️ 👾

#FOSS #Alternatives #gaming #VideoGames #ComputerGames

@wishdream Interesting, never heard of people actually using Lumberyard! What do you think of it? I never looked into it much.

Hey guys, do you know a good place where I can get started with and ? I want to try it out. Maybe make a quick platformer out of it.

this awesome little tool allows you to contain a small website in a url. no hosting required, very portable.

geez. i can think of a million ways to use this for very creative little projects.

@headachebooth Oh arse, when did that happen. It was one of the things I recommend to people who are looking for different (more intuitive mostly) ways to do 3-D. Used it a bunch when I was on Windows :(

I know it is well known and this tweet is too late. But a colleague of mine shared this paper on accessible touch screen interaction techniques. Great Read.

Hi guys! Need help to test a new #Palettizor feature. Found a colorpicker plugin, but maybe only works on win. Somebody with Mac/Linux can test it? Just click on some color in the left side. A window with color options pop-up?

Try it >

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #digitalart

@caraellison At least 15. Like Insert Credit was ~2000 iirc.

Just added a bunch of emoticons (using New Leaf graphics).

Fruit: :acnl_apple: :acnl_banana: :acnl_cherry: :acnl_coconut: :acnl_durian: :acnl_lemon: :acnl_lychee: :acnl_mango: :acnl_orange: :acnl_peach: :acnl_pear: :acnl_persimmon:

And some misc ones: :acnl_cookie: :acnl_gyroid: :acnl_leaf: :acnl_pitfall: :acnl_sunfish:

Made all the Shrunk emotes, just uploading them now... :acnl_idea:

@themightyglider Yeah, it's a shame to have this kinda stuff scattered round everywhere.

What I actually come here to post are a few nice bundles of assets I was told about recently:

- Lots of 2-D stuff from Adam Saltsman:

- A massive pack of models from all the Crypt * games by Lillith / Cicada Marrionette. USD$5: