Been wanting to transfer some stuff off cassette for ages, but all my tapes players are broken (and all my CD players… and my record player was being weird today…). Had the thought last night to see if there were any made to fit in a 5¼ drive bay and hey look at these fellas:

(I'm not actually going to buy one of these, I'll just replace a belt or four, I just like learning about things you can put in drive bays)

:knp_weed: Glorious Trainwrecks 15th Anniversary Klik Jam :knp_merl:

Come celebrate GT's 15th birthday!

Runs from 22/4 to 1/5

No special theme, but there are some suggestions on the page.

lewd joke 

I have finished my web design jokes, but here's a funny thumbnail I saw on Youtube:

Disappointed that this 'Create Rhythms' button didn't lead to some fun generative thing though. Icons in this are all great, except for this very deceptive one.

@candle Just noticed a little quirk with bipsi: If I delete all the tiles from the draw tiles tab, they're still kinda there in the room.

So If I don't create any new tiles and just place the first/only one it'll sometimes look pale because the old tiles are still on the map. The layout's still stored.

Also in this screenshot I created a second tile, drew with it a bit, then completely deleted it so there's only one tile in the draw tiles tab, and it's still in my room.


Zine time too!

Applications for the big zine fare in Melbourne are open now, and due by the end of the 10th of January.

Because it's online, it's open to international entries.

Main page:

Applications page:

There's also a Aus-only, contact-free zine swap thing on there you can do.

Online version will be in February, with, hopefully, a physical one in August.

I am still working on my follow-up to

Here's a little mascot called Whichy I just drew.

Always keep an open mind during the creative process, don't be afraid to go against plans.

Like look at this beautiful accident in Drive Me To The Moon by Olivia Haines:

If you can't load those kind of palettes here's a PNG (which you can also find in the directory where the palette is)

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Realised I totally missed the sekret santa event on Glorious Trainwrecks this year :(

But hey look there's this Mouse in the Maze tribute event coming up:

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