Started a category for tools that let you make games (and probably other things) with just a text editor.

Any suggestions?

Currently just:

- ChoiceScript
- Ink
- Jupiter Engine
- Tombed Deluxe (level editor)

I know there are more level editors, at least. Vaguely remember some way of making music with little text files...

@gamemakingtools I mean, I guess any programming language technically qualifies

@gamemakingtools I guess what you're looking for is the kind of domain-specific language where you specify game logic, and only game logic, and get a playable game

PuzzleScript comes to mind

@clayote Oh yeah, that's the proper word for it :treasure_thumb:

Not sure if I want to get specific enough that it has to be able to be done in Notepad (so no browser-based things), but PuzzleScript is exactly the kinda thing I'm thinking of, yeah!

@gamemakingtools tape window is not quite released but is very much along the same lines as jupiter engine

@notimetoplay Oh yeah Tweego. Nice one. I was editing the Twine page the other day, saw the link for that, and couldn't remember what it actually was (I've barely used Twine).

@gamemakingtools Not sure it's what you're looking for, but technically even LÖVE 2D lets you create games with nothing but a text editor 🙂

@gamemakingtools love2d! There's no built-in editor. I use neovim but you could use notepad or anything.

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