at the scrap heap, thecatamites:

I've been looking at lots of AI generated images recently and trying to get my thoughts straight on them (I can't), so

'and i wonder how much it narrows our own conception of ourselves, to have our own strangeness outsourced to the plausible deniability of machines. the history of robotics is always that of shifting the blame.'

is a nice thing to brainchew on.

@gamemakingtools I don't know how much longer it'll be the case but certainly ~for now~ I'm unmoved by the kind of strangeness most folk have been generating and offloading to ML.

Even grotesque stuff like that recent Star Wars but Deadworld body horror that did the rounds felt lacking a certain spark. But I guess I could also say the same about a whole bunch of Giger derivative art also.

Perhaps I'm just not 14 anymore.

@RobF I think it's kinda the shiteness that intrigues me. like a very cold uncannyness that's interesting because it's miserable.

Maybe an extension of that idea of a photo being a death, film being death 24 times a second—AI generated images are death iterated upon ad nauseam

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