Anyone knows a simple #FLOSS for visual generic diagramming? By that I mean drag'n'drop stuff, not a DOT language or similar. I'd like to move things around myself in the #diagram while having persistent connections between nodes.

It's to quickly draft a small studio wiring setup with a patchbay, making inventory of cables missing/etc.


@320x200 would a mind-mapping program work? i use freemind a bit, but structurally it might be too rigid.

@gamemakingtools thanks, I was thinking about this too, but indeed I'd need something more flexible that does not make any assumption on the kind of structure needed. Surprisingly it's not so obvious to find...

@320x200 yeah :( i'd find this useful for all sorts of things. i had a big internet hunt when i was feeling limited by mindmap stuff, but no success.

@gamemakingtools check the other replies, 2 web applications were mentioned and I found them quite fitting for my use case, maybe they could be useful for you too?

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