I bought a drill press!

Been drilling out holes in an old camping stove. Making a stick with a weirdish layout for shooters, but will suit Virtua Fighter and Neo-Geo games too.

Trying to learn about making game input devices. Want to make some game things with dedicated interfaces.


I'd love to just make shit like this all day, collect weird controllers, open a museum where people can play with stuff, and commission people to make games for them...

Like a synth museum/lab for controllers.

@zens I'm sure some nice Mastodonian will help us out with the money part~~~~

@gamemakingtools there’s ways to get money for projects like these.
I know the outlines of the process. i’ve watched other people do it.

@zens Hmmm. That's food for thought. I only know about ways to get funding for orgs that are already running.

@gamemakingtools presumably you wouldn’t go straight to forming an org; i was thinking a singular travelling show, ala “game on” en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_O

@zens Oh I getcha. It's more my style to run it something like an artist-run space, like start out of an unused shop or a garage or something.

I remember the local DIY games place raised their initial funds by doing game parties round the country.

This is making me think of this a bit more seriously, thanks. I'm gunna sit down and figure out what I actually want.

@gamemakingtools right- a travelliing event can get sponsorships and grants; if that turns out to be successful you then have the cred and funds to have a space and a name

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