Pretty disappointing how abandoned the neocities issue tracker feels...

Got a comment in an issue from 2019 so thought I'd look at what else was there, and it's mostly stuff with no official reply. Itch is pretty similar.

Yeah. I love Neocities as a simple, no-frills host for simple, no-frills sites, but the lack of any sort of activity from the owner does not fill me with confidence.

@gamemakingtools I've had mixed results with Itch. Leafo tends to respond to issues, however those responses don't always come with a resolution.

E.g. were facing down the barrel of a new CORS requirements being introduced by Chrome (already required by Firefox), which restricts starting web workers unless the request has a specific header flag. The team at Itch acknowledged the problem, but found the fix to be more trouble than it was worth and put it off.

@alexjgriffith yeah, and worth noting that when i've contacted leaf directly he's been helpful. seems like both places aren't equipped to run public issuevtrackers, though the desire is there?

Seems like both places are being a bit lacklustre with CORS stuff. For neocities i kinda get it's part of wanting to keep things simple, but for itch that's pretty frustrating!

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