Fun things to call websites:

- zone
- dungeon
- base
- port
- site?
- shrine
- hole
- nest
- horde
- café
- pub
- planet
- tower
- toilet
- lair
- ???

I feel like hub, portal, galaxy aren't fun?

Patterns are: private domain of a person or other animal, otherwise mysterious places, waypoints, places that suggest collections of items, meeting points, ???

Can't think of any garden related ones I've seen (maybe I've seen garden before?), but patch, treehouse, plot, grotto, nook.

Heap is a semi-related one I like too. *arium too.

Softspot for just calling page x's web.

Totally forgot other meeting place ones like plaza, square ...

It all still seems like a narrow way of thinking about websites, even it it seems massivley less narrow than what we have now.

I dare John Blow to call his website Jonathon Blow's Piss Jug.

@zens band of famous gamedevs doing nu metal covers is very cursed thanks pal.

@gamemakingtools no, limp biscuit, not limp bizkit. just like beetles existed before the beatles, so did limp biscuits exist before limp bizkit.

@gamemakingtools but maybe i just don’t get when people are riffing on a joke

@zens I got what you meant, just the other reading made a strong mental image I had to exorcise.

@gamemakingtools ah yes, i am slow- i eventually figured out that’s what must be going on. i guess i have just lived woth the trauma of the concept long enough to have it be abstract as a piss jar

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