Been wrestling a bit with Clickteam Fusion recently,

Having a bunch of problems with using the Steam one now with Proton (used to be fine), but normal Wine + the free version are workign perfect.

Anyway, been updating the Clickteam Fusion Page with my cursed knowledged:

Once done with this game I'm keen to finally give Gdevelop a spin.

Would use it for the current thing buy I'm relying on the built-in passwords feature for secrets.

GD has the same kinda scripting as Clickteam stuff, but seems more inspired by Construct's take on it. So it's missing some of the neat maths features, but you get ... comments.

That kinda menu-based scripting (I like the old RPG Makers too) is very much where I feel most comfortable.


Also there's a 3-D plugin thing you can get (expensive), but there's this much cheaper, open-source setup for doing 3-D that has a really compelling trailer:

Seems pretty straight-forward (for something so hacky):

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